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Shenanigans in Shanghai

Shanghai is the Far East’s city of sin. Its numerous night clubs, rooftop bars, late-night massage parlors and after-hours dope peddlers offer plenty of opportunities to have too much fun spending too much money. 997 more words

Like everything good (taste wise) it started in China...

A wise old Chinese man told me this story

Only joking, ’twas old man Google…

According to legend, dumplings (potsticker ones) were invented by a chef in China’s Imperial Court – the Emperor loved dumplings almost as much as I do and he’d ordered the chef to whip up a batch. 134 more words


College Visit

It wouldn’t be a college visit unless we got lost – but I had the new van with the Navi System so it didn’t matter!!!  And I’ve named the Navi System “Miss Flanagan” because every time she gave a directive I said “yes, ma’am”, but the sing-song in my head wanted to add something.   543 more words

Homeschool Adventures

Mushroom and Chive dumplings


This is the second time I’ve made dumplings by myself. Despite Matt saying that he’ll help me, I think his strength lies in the final stages of tasting and critiquing my efforts. 448 more words


Dumpling Month Part 3 - Spicy Eggplant Dumplings


Brace yourselves for the most amazing dumplings so far! (Possibly the best dumplings…I’ve ever eaten!) Seriously. I made these, I ate one, I died. They are so. 431 more words