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The Dzungel

Out of all the places that I have eaten in Europe so far, The Dzungel was by far one of the most memorable and hilarious. Most of all, I will always remember its miracle dumpling. 636 more words

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Sauerkraut Dumplings - Comfort Food with a Twist (or a Swirl?)

With autumn approaching, we are all yearning for some comfort food: warm as well as warming, full of strong flavours and hearty goodness. In other words: calories. 806 more words


Gyoza (餃子)

|September 18, 2014|

HEY. My apologies. I just realized my last post was 17 days ago! I have been really busy with school. Today’s menu is… Gyoza! 242 more words


My take on crab rangoon

It’s an appetizer that you would have a hard time missing in Chinese-American, Thai or for that matter most Asian restaurants. You can even stuff yourself with it to your heart’s content in Chinese buffets as they are commonly served there. 435 more words


RECIPE: Super simple apple dumpling dessert

Hello I wanted to share a super simple dessert you can make in under 30 minutes and is so delicious!

**Note: You can make your own apple pie filling if you want. 148 more words


Soup Dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) [Warning: Exclamation point overload]

This is about a week or two overdue, but finally posting.  I’m excited to announce that I am finally moving to my dream city, Boston!!  Technically, I won’t be in the city but that’s close enough for me.   781 more words