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PSW Watchlist Week of July 28th 2014 - $UNGS $SEEK $MRIB $UAPC $FPFI

Howdy Folks,

Started working on a Educational Section on my website. It’s a work in progress, I want to try and breakdown as much as I can for folks from the knowledge i’ve gained throughout the years and hopefully help cut down your learning curve… Check Out the page… 225 more words

Dump Wrap Supreme

Welcome back. Despite having more time on my hands than ever, I haven’t sat down and dumped in over ten weeks. Amazing. Some of you emailed me, asking if you’ve been removed from the list. 1,372 more words


Exploring jason files - Python

Working with json files can be freaking horrible, specially if you don’t know what data is in the file.

Let me give you and example of how unreadable it can be. 318 more words


tumblr palette drawings results so far

Color Palettes:

Palette #5:

Palette #14:

Palette #8:

Palette #12:

Palette #16:


A Propensity for Dumps


So, we are driving down the street in our green Dodge van with UN-tinted, fingerprint covered windows. I cannot explain why the children touch the windows so much. 1,766 more words