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Dump Run

Yesterday, we took the old love seat to the dump. Of course, we don’t actually have a “dump” anymore. We have a “transfer station”. It sits out on the Dump Road, the incongruity of which makes me laugh every time I drive down it, but I guess that is only because I am old enough to remember real “dumps”. 2,286 more words


Obama just named me the Dump Czar

You can’t go to any website these days without someone mentioning Ebola. It’s nearly impossible to find non-ebola related stories to dump. I am going to try and let you escape the fear-mongering for a bit while I share with you some links that are ebola-free. 1,442 more words

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The More You Dump...

Enough people have asked me for a new collection of stories, pictures and things that I decided to change my normal morning routine of drinking coffee and not doing anything to drinking coffee and writing 1200 words about some things happening in the world. 1,459 more words

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Bear Alley

So we moved from the Reality Hotel (see previous posts) to Bear Alley.

Actually, we live on Kodiak, which runs off Aleutian and is next to Klondike, just south of Grizzly Dr, It wasn’t until this morning that we learned that Bear Alley intersects with Kodiak, running below our deck. 705 more words


Forty Shades of Blue

Forty shades of blue
There must be many more
I don’t know about you 232 more words

'Lauren's Lowdown': Britney Spears DUMPS Boyfriend; Joan Rivers Hospital Update

Dear cheaters all over the world: WHAT IS WRONG WITH Y’ALL?? Stop getting into relationships if you’re going to cheat on people!!

Britney Spears‘ boyfriend of two years, … 525 more words