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Dumpster Diving Dinner

Yup, we ate garbage. I mean, we literally pulled it out of the trash bins, but really it wasn’t trash at all, but still very highly edible. 518 more words

The 5 Weirdest Things I’ve Done To Get Boys To Like Me

1. Painted cat whiskers on my face and told a boy—in graphic detail—about the crocodilian reproductive system.

Last semester I went to a frat party, knowing that the tall computer nerd I had been Internet stalking for the past week would be there. 847 more words

Toy makers have a super idea

In the mahogany-paneled boardroom of a multinational maker of playthings, executives toy with a new idea:

“As you all know, each action figure we produce is made up of a certain number of parts. 117 more words

Things I Found In The Garbage

Don't judge me!!!

Ok well I embarked on a new adventure last night. My friend talked me into…wait for it…dumpster diving!!!! I know, I know, you are probably thinking that I am crazy!!! 417 more words


The latest from bishop.. life is awesome.

Time flies! We are just about halfway in our trip already. One thing you can rest assured of, it’s not getting old by any means. 1,505 more words

Simple Life


Garbages that you never think there are treasures inside 98 more words

Project #365

I Thrift Shop...Alot. But, Lorde Admits To Dumpster Diving.

I am not ashamed to admit it, but I bought almost everything in my new house from thrift stores. Where else could I furnish a 2 bedroom, 2 bath house for like…$2,000?  53 more words