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Amik the beaver

I went for a run Tuesday night in Mount Royal. It started out slow, and for a little while I thought I was going to come away with nothing. 852 more words

When it rains, it pours

9/27 – someone is either moving? …or had a party, and tossed out anything the guests didn’t eat.

Here’s the take, just one bag:

- 1/2 loaf of Milton’s whole grain bread, dated 9/26. 1,768 more words

Respectable Dumpster Diver

Part 4 of Dumpsterize My Diet!- Dumpster Virgin No More

By Seth Columbia

How did I get started?

The same way I start most things, along side some great people.

I have some friends in Montreal who I went to visit early in the summer of 2014 and I was very excited to learn of their alternative lifestyles. 369 more words


The sun didn't come out today but Daryl did

You’ll see a lot of people going through the dumpsters in the back alleys of Vancouver but you won’t see a lot see them doing it wearing a long black overcoat topped with a black fedora. 390 more words

Vancouver B.C.

I, Me, My, Mine, Myself

For the most part I think of only myself. I spend time pondering on my daily activity, my comfort and my own problems. I worry about… 447 more words

Thoughts And Rants


Today was a beautiful day. I got an insane amount of things done after I dropped the mini off, cleaned out garden beds, transplanted seedlings, returned things to a multitude of places, packed for our week long vacation, stocked up on animal food, washed the puppy who had very apparently found something awful to roll around in, and my live in left hand lady and I cleaned the house from top to bottom, not to mention all of the normal shit that has to be done on a regular basis. 398 more words

Part 3 of Dumpsterize My Diet!- PermaCycle Will Eat Trash

By Seth Columbia

A few days ago I talked about the scope of food waste in the US, today I will talk about inspiration.

Jasmine and I have been inspired…..by dumpster. 203 more words