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Dumpster Diving and a Rant

I live just a few houses away from an elementary school.

My daily “walk the dogs route” takes me through the school property to a small neighborhood park. 266 more words

Dog Walking

What's the story with this forest fire painting?

Every painting tells a story. The painting I saw out by a dumpster last night  tells the story of the scrawny little pine tree that was always being bullied by the other trees in the forest. 960 more words

Things I Found In The Garbage

Fast Thoughts on Fast Food - Arby's and Rax

A glaring difference between me and my children is that they like Arby’s, and they have preferred it to other fast food outlets since being smaller versions of themselves. 1,005 more words


Dumpster Diving

Kind of…

This morning my mom and I hit up some thrift stores and on our way to the first one I saw a stack of pallets on the side of the road.   265 more words

Before And After

True Dumpster Finds

If you don’t follow Reddit ‘ s /r/gamecollecting not only are you missing out on cool posts you’re also missing out on total Internet BS. You have to take a lot of posts with a grain of salt. 359 more words

In Person Pick Ups

Adventures in Dumpster Diving

You’ll never believe what I found! But first: it’s been three weeks. Three weeks since I was supposed to close on my dream house in Kensington-though-I’ve-been-telling-everyone-Fishtown and STILL NO HOUSE. 1,090 more words