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Man eats out of dumpsters to highlight Americans wasting food

Rob Greenfield has eaten out of more than 600 dumpsters across the country in the last three months. “I’m just as happy as you could possibly imagine because I’m living simply and I’m not bogged down by all the things it turns out I don’t need anyway,” said Greenfield. 269 more words


Exactly What WE Need: Ukrainian Mob Tosses Corrupt Politician Into Dumpster

These are the kinds of moves that should be made. He should feel blessed. Atleast they didn’t pop his head off. (20)

Angry Mob

Throwback Thursday and Some Thoughts on Cleaning Out

The date was July 7, 1954, my mother and father’s wedding day.  This photograph, of all of them, is my favorite.  All the players are there, both of my grandfathers are looking on with smiles on their faces.   195 more words


Getting Serious

We moved into the house at Fort Pelham Farm in 1967, I was 11 years old.  The house has a huge attic.  It has two rooms that are finished on each end and open space surrounding it.   490 more words

Phillips Phunny: Angry Mob Throws Politician Into Trash

An angry mob threw a Ukrainian politician in a dumpster yesterday.

Yesterday, an angry mob outside Ukraine’s parliament got their hands on a politician named Vitaly Zhuravsky and threw him in a DUMPSTER. 63 more words


'Bravo!': Angry mob tosses Ukrainian politician in the trash

An angry mob of Ukrainians had a no nonsense approach to dealing with sleazy politicians. Member of the Ukrainian Parliament Vitaly Zhuravsky was lucky tar and feathers weren’t handy. 406 more words

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Living Simply in a Dumpster

James Hamblin,  The Atlantic

Tucked behind the women’s residence halls in a back corner of Huston-Tillotson University’s campus in Austin, Texas, sits a green dumpster. 280 more words