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Castle and Penguins

Now that we have our new lease of freedom in the form of a 1995 Subaru station wagon, we can finally start to enjoy the fruits of Dunedin. 870 more words

NZ South Island


When a space capsule returns to the Earth, it has a heat shield to protect it from burning up in the atmosphere.  As I walked into our newly renovated house in Los Gatos I wondered, where is my heat shield? 440 more words

New Zealand

Silver Peaks – Jubilee Hut

Daytrip, 18.7km return

It was a beautiful sunny Saturday when Jamie and I headed to the Silver Peaks for an epic day out. Jamie had started attending the OTMC at the same time I had, and we were keen to go on a “proper walk” so we decided we would go all the way to Jubilee Hut and back in a day. 751 more words


Paul Fiddes in Dunedin

In addition to the seminar on ‘God and Story in Church and Doctrine’, Professor Paul Fiddes will also be giving a public lecture at the University of Otago. Details below:


Chinese gardens were high on my Dunedin 'to-do' list.

The Dunedin Chinese Gardens were high on my ‘to-do’  list and I suggest you put them on yours too. Along with the Scottish settlers, the Chinese have been in the Otago region since 1863 (incidentally, the same year my mother’s family arrived on Banks Peninsula,  from Cornwall.) 126 more words

New Zealand

A busy weekend in Dunedin.

One of the reasons that I have the amazing opportunity to come and visit New Zealand so often is because my dad emigrated to Dunedin, to run the… 419 more words



As my trip becomes incredibly close, I have had some rather significant moments in the past few days. Significant in the sense of finishing things up, but also in the act of reflecting of my time here. 273 more words