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Skateboarding in the South Island

“We don’t normally get warm weather, so why not skate?”

Walking around Dunedin on a warm and windy day, my friends and myself stumbled upon a skatepark. 170 more words


Hit the Road Jack

For those curious about doing the Southern Scenic Route, here’s what you can expect to see. We did the first half in spring and came back to finish the second half in autumn.

Road Trip

Back to 'real life'

It’s getting lighter after work. Which means more light in my life. Yay! It was also super warm today, which is nice for a change. The photo is outside the Cadbury Factory. 158 more words

7 life lessons being a 'scarfie' will teach you

No, burning a couch on Castle St is not on the list. Neither is learning what a buffalo is. Being a scarfie in Dunedin while pursuing a career in professional rugby, was one of the best times of my life. 910 more words


10 Things Travelling Has Changed For Me

Since being in New Zealand my perception on many things have altered recently, some for the better and some for the worst. Travelling is definitely an experience I would recommend to everyone – even moving to a new town or city where you have never been before would create the same feelings which I am experiencing now. 1,196 more words


One of Dunedin's must see attractions: Royal Albatross Centre

Worldwide, albatross were once hunted for their feathers, which were then used to make hats. They have the biggest wingspan of any bird, reaching up to 3.5m (11.5ft) and the larger albatross species can spend up to five years at sea. 447 more words


‘Otago Farmers’ Market’

there was
no shortage of apples or artichokes
no shortage of walnuts or whiskey
no shortage of cherries or chickens
no shortage of lamb or leeks… 163 more words