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Can't Wait to See The Photos

Yesterday we had a family tea for Mr Pigalina’s grandma. She handed a camera to a grandson and told him to take some photos of the all important cake ‘n’ candle ceremony. 69 more words


Travelling with Ross the Royal Albatross

Ross caused quite a stir when he flew into St Clair’s esplanade a couple of weeks ago. Since he’s such a good ambassador for Dunedin, some of us decided to take him on a seven week trip to the UK to help us meet Kiwis living in London and seek out places with NZ significance. 42 more words


An hour to kill in Auckland

On a recent rainy weekday I had an hour to kill between meetings. Rather than settling into a cafe with a coffee and a magazine, I decided to duck into the Auckland Art Gallery to see what’s going on. 509 more words


Dunedin bother

Some days I am a person without urgency, miming myself. Wednesday was tired. Fog delayed flight, shuttle bus, elaborate railway station, sunshine-strewn botanic garden, student “Hoe-tels”, artefacts from the 1800s, a room of time-faded faces, giant inflatable rabbit, pornographic pottery, Frances Hodgkins’ The Black Scarf, St Clair’s Esplanade. 107 more words

New Zealand

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

After doing many streetscapes (the majority of which were shot at dawn or before) over the years I have been told by many of my followers that “you make …… look so beautiful” (fill in the blank with a city name). 107 more words

Layton's Walkabouts

Dunedin Street Photography

Have you ever jumped in the car and rushed out to capture some pics only to arrive at your destination and find you left some vital piece of equipment at home? 88 more words

Layton's Walkabouts