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Using different initiative systems for D&D

I have a love-hate relationship with classic initiative in D&D. One plus is at least for the first turn, things are chaotic. You can get a player rolling high and step into the action immediately, and you can have a player instead be a little flat-footed by rolling low. 1,325 more words


Circle of Hands Clash System Shout Out

I finished reading Circle of Hands by Ron Edwards. The combat/clash system is sticking in my brain.

A brief rundown:

  • Everyone states their intentions
  • Line everyone up in order of quickness (faster characters will go first)
  • 239 more words
Role-Playing Game

[GP 1] Tower of Dosdaemon

Tower of Dosdaemon

An adventure by Bill White

As the adventure begins, the PCs find themselves caught in the wild on the outskirts of the Barony of Lanholm—to the north of Lake Silverweir, close to the Fangs of Ice that descend from the Great Northern Mountains—during an unseasonal snow storm. 4,633 more words

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[GP 1] The Rythbjörn

The Rythbjörn

By Matthew Gagan

Illustrations by Nate Marcel

There is more to the Nordemark of Dungeon World than the twisted draugr, its giants and its trolls. 1,338 more words

Dungeon World

[GP 1] Extraplanar Races

Extraplanar Races

An article by David Guyll

Bladeling Characters


When you attack with a melee weapon with a range of close or hand, deal +2 damage. 230 more words

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[GP 1] Gnomes


An article by Kingston Cassidy

Gnomish Guerrilla Group, Stealthy, Small, Cautious, Organized, Intelligent

Crossbow (d6+1 damage) 6 HP 2 Armor

Near, Reload

“Shadow is mother to the Gnome. 450 more words

Dungeon World

[GP 1] Companions


An article by At the Table Games, <http://atthetablegames.com>

Along your quests there will be those who decide to follow you of their own volition. 318 more words

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