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Dungeon World: The Pitch

Ho, Nerds!

Over on email we were talking about the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and I remarked that I’d rather play Dungeon World … and here we are. 701 more words

Dungeon World

#RPGaDAY 26: Eoris

Character sheets are mostly all the same—some are prettier than others, but they pretty much do the same job. A small number manage to make it harder to play the game, by being poorly organized or focusing on the wrong information, but most are just fine. 155 more words


Terrors of the Ancient World

Last year, I started a Patreon thing in order to make monster manuals with a friend of mine, because he can draw real good and I can write pretty well. 288 more words

Writing Dungeon World Adventures: Some Tips

Lots of people have made adventures and scenarios for Dungeon World other than me. Joe Banner, John Aegard, Josh Mannon, Marshall Miller, just to name a few. 1,213 more words


After watching several RollPlay shows I got back into roleplaying, this time online and in English. I probably have a ton more to say on this subject but recently… 644 more words


Dangerous Space Jail by Phil Vecchione

On Google+, Phil Vecchione was asking for people to review his Dungeon World adventure Dangerous Space Jail. I jumped.

I love Phil’s Never Unprepared… 1,170 more words

Role-Playing Game

Fond Memories of the Kenku

For a few years in high school and college, I had a tradition of running a New Year’s Eve one shot. We would order up a six foot sub, plenty of caffeine, and start gaming around 5pm. 558 more words

Role-Playing Game