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As Good as Gold

Greetings Buddy Fighters! We have a bright and shiny bit of news for you today.

Japan’s up and coming Perfect Pack has had a few cards leaked and all three are interesting. 151 more words

Future Card BuddyFight

In the Shadow of the Ancients Campaign Recap, Session 4

Despite recent events, I’d like to continue recapping my party’s adventures. It’s a good way to keep track of the campaign and remind my players of past events, especially when they come to play in the future, if nothing else. 1,591 more words


The Dreaded Grapple in Dungeon World

Grappling, tackling wrestling, restraining.

Dreaded, because of the whole grappling mini-game in 3.5E D&D. Anyway, I’m about to run my 2nd Dungeon World session, and I just need to wrap my head around how to handle grappling in this game.   205 more words

Using Fronts in Numenera and The Strange

Ever notice when you’re reading a great book or watching a great movie or TV show how tense everything gets? You are on the edge of your seat because the characters you are rooting for are under tremendous stress and the stakes are sky-high. 738 more words


Using Class Warfare to make commercial products

The entire text of Class Warfare is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike International 4.0 license. That means you are free to take that text, reprint it, redesign it, and use it in your own products, with a few caveats: 936 more words

Madness of Iliasha: Campaign Concept

As previously noted, I have begun work on a fresh campaign. Using the working title Madness of Iliasha, I have included elements from the… 432 more words

Tabletop RPG

Dungeon World

Dungeon World is a streamlined D&D type game that anyone can create stuff for and add to.  Steve Kunec has added a variety of Spelljammer monsters to their codex: 15 more words