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Delaying Tactics

Man, 11 days since my last post? I had no idea it had been so long. Time flies, I guess. It’s been a busy 11 days, so hopefully I can be forgiven for neglecting my blog for so long. 929 more words

Trying a Dungeon World Play by Post

Every since I read Dungeon World I felt like it could help me be a better GM, but life being what it is, I haven’t been able to schedule it in with my main group so I decided to try running a play by post game over on OctopusOverlords.com (a nice group of mature people that tend to focus on PC games, but discuss all types of gaming, world events, etc).  79 more words

Dungeon World

Chronicler: Cellar: Vision 4

It is the 249th day of the 3rd year in the reign of the Disgraced King. This cabin is a full four day journey from Thalnordel. 1,429 more words

Dungeon Master

My Dungeon World Stuff: For use with Number Appearing!

This Dungeon World module has two fronts plus some custom moves for the great supplement Number Appearing, by Justin Wightred, which is a great supplement that adds monsters as playable races plus compendium classes and tons of great stuff. 6 more words

My Dungeon World Stuff: The Locusti

For my first post I’ll put up some of my Dungeon World material. The Locusti were inspired by artist Shreya Shetty. The module includes a mini-front for a side quest plus details for… 37 more words

Dungeon World: The Pitch

Ho, Nerds!

Over on email we were talking about the 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, and I remarked that I’d rather play Dungeon World … and here we are. 701 more words

Dungeon World