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Porting Apocalypse World style moves into D&D 5E

TL;DR – If you want to use a Dungeon World move in D&D 5E, roll 1d6+1d10: Failure on 8-, partial success on 9-12, success on 13+. 154 more words

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Keep On Keepin' On

So it’s been a while since my last post, but I have good reason. The last week or so has been pretty busy for me; last Tuesday was my third session with my Dungeon World group, and last Monday was the character creation session session for a 4th Edition D&D game that should be starting up soon – I’m not running it, thankfully. 542 more words

Class Warfare

Alternate Character and Class Creation Rules for Dungeon World

What is Class Warfare?
Class Warfare is a rules supplement for the Dungeon World role-playing game that provides an alternate and expanded system of character creation. 1,194 more words

Terrors of the Ancient World - Preview Video

I made a Youtube video of me looking through the print version of Terrors of the Ancient World, so all y’all could see it and know what it looks like. 9 more words

Dungeon World Review

The first time I ever played Dungeons & Dragons was back in the early 90s. Up until that point I only knew one thing about it which was that if you play Dungeons & Dragons, you’ll murder your family for Satan and become a devil-worshipper. 1,522 more words

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Released on Thorfinn Tait’s Cartography Google+ account, July 13, 2014 & reprinted:

Alorea concept art.
One of Calidar’s three moons, and the twin of Kragdûr, Alorea is the home world of Calidar’s elves, and also gnomes. 123 more words