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Halberd of the Duchess' Guard

It’s Dozens Monday. This time it’s another masterwork weapon sans special rules. At least special rules beyond those the halberd already possesses:

If you use a… 233 more words


The Doc Speaks: D&D Monsters II - Electric Boogaloo

Thinking about it, I should have saved the title for when I talked about Outsiders (i.e. alien beings and elementals) and Constructs (i.e. robots). Oh well, wasted play on words. 2,163 more words


The Slave Market

The date of the big feast draws nearer and the drow siblings start to feel at home in the Xaniqos Manor. Lilith, as new noble of the house, has taken up an important position and is kept busy by her mother and sister. 554 more words


The Knights Shadow

An ancient order of knights that protected the Source, what they believed to be the source of all creation. Labeled heretics by the Church of Aurasanna, they went into hiding and faded into memory. 27 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

CoolStuffInc.com Buys

I haven’t posted much over the last week for two reasons.  The first is that I have had a lot of meetings and athletic ticket taking for school.   768 more words

General Gaming Thoughts

Top Ten Things Your Berserker Would Never Say

One of these days years I’ll role play one of these! ;)

  1. If this wasn’t such a nice inn, I’d kick your ass.
  2. Do these boots go with this tunic?
  3. 104 more words

Old School Roleplaying

Here’s a short and interesting read about how RPGs used to be. Feels like 5th ed moves closer to this style of play, some of which we kind of do to varying extents. 14 more words

Dungeons And Dragons