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Red Dragon Concept (with progress pics)

A Dungeons and Dragons red dragon concept sketch from today. Dragons are fun!

Trent Rommel

The Tale of the Adventurer - Leithian

During a time of war, Leithian Narok belonged to a unit of survivors that were sworn to defend one another. This makeshift group was created following the tragic disaster of their hometown. 583 more words


GGC Episode 14

Today our girls continue their streak of less tangenting, for the most part. We’ve got our K-pop news, some Writing 101 and a dash of future Minecraft adventures. 31 more words

GGC News

Round Table 13 - Syrinscape

In a new episode of Round Table, I talk with Benjamin Loomes about Syrinscape, an awesome sound design app that creates unique ambient sounds and music tracks for your table. 100 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

The Daily D4

Happy Easter everyone, here’s today’s does of the Daily D4!


There are a ton of fantastic races to play in Dungeons and Dragons, but none of them are quite like the Revenant. 269 more words


The Saga Continues - Adventure Ahead!

Hello good friends!  Today was our second session of our Heroes as they searched to find what had happened to a missing family and missing guards, and maybe, figure out what was happening to the poor town of Kingsholm. 559 more words

The Daily D4

The Dungeon Master Experience by Chris Perkins

Someone suggested that I should incorporate tips for game masters into the Out of Character blog, and I liked the idea but I wasn’t quite sure how to go about getting it started. 409 more words

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