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Fantasy Knights 11


Fantasy Knights 11

The party enters the sewer and encounters their enemy. Aegil leads, Frima gets a little reckless with her magic, Lor gets stabbed, and Quinn faces off against the most formidable opponent in the sewer. 9 more words


The greatest comic week ever (pt. 3); Fear, grading, and the alpha nerd

I owned (Uncanny) X-Men #1 for about 4 days before I sent it far away to the strange land known to many as Florida.

X-Men #1 isn’t the only valuable comic I have ever owned.  695 more words


There's A Fungus In My Throat

It’s not unusual that comments on one article lead to a subsequent article. So it was with Bill’s comment on yesterday’s post about Grinning Death… 451 more words


Dungeons and Dragons Report

Yesterday in Game Club we played Dungeons and Dragons! 589 more words


Daily Punch 10-21-14 Dragon Warrior Fighter Archetype for DnD 5e

I’ve been thinking about the Eldrich Knight archetype, and I thought there should be one for the charisma based casters out there.  Here’s my contribution: 316 more words


Last Night's Game

So last night’s game was significant in that it was the first death of one of the characters in the current campaign. I know some people who play Dungeons and Dragons who prefer to try and fudge things for their players when then chips are down, and I’m not averse to occasionally tweaking things if things go wrong due to dumb luck. 425 more words