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The Battlebox (For the Portable Dungeon Master)

Anyone who’s been to the game shop on a busy night has seen the tote-stacker dungeon master. He’s the man with an army and an arsenal of battlefields to throw at his players…if only he could get them through the door. 639 more words

Tabletop Gaming

Goblin Week 2015-Day 7

Last day of Goblin Week and I’m happy with the results of the drawings that will be added to Goblin Guild. Today’s goblin is apart of the bombers. 83 more words

Circle of the Corrupted - A Sinister Druid Circle for D&D 5e

Not all druids follow the same path.  While all seek to become guardians of natural order, many fall prey to darker motives.  Some seek revenge for a fallen circle, some find futility in life, some give in to raw savagery.  856 more words

D&D 5th

Game Club Dungeons and Dragons Report

On Tuesday of this week we restarted my Dungeons and Dragons game at Game Club. 672 more words


Adventure 1.5 False Moon - Draft

Attatched is my draft of the second part of the adventure. Sorry it took so long, and it needs a little refinement, there’s a map I should upload and it’s unedited so I still need to add some subplots etc. 88 more words


Orc Labs Podcast 25 - D&D 5e Party Tactics!

Did all the players roll Fighters?… Balance! Tank, Caster, Healer, Thief! Co-ordination is king. How to defeat an Evil sorcerer of higher level. Bard/Warlock tag teaming and other stories.