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Dungeons & Dragons (2010) - #0 : Wayne Reynolds

“New zero issue with two new stories, the first introduces the characters for the 2010 Dungeons & Dragons series and the second sets in motion the events of the Dark Sun miniseries.”

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Who Needs Food? We do!

image: Vulcan Stev’s Database

I don’t know what this image is about, but when we play D&D, we eat lots of food. And snacks. We need our energy! ;)


Fantasy Knights 3


Fantasy Knights 3

Quinn defeats the jungle cat and her and and injured Frima join Aegil and Lor at the encampment. The united party confronts the hostiles.

Fantasy Knights

Powering-up Weapons vs. Unlocking Their Powers

So a little while ago, when I was writing about signature weapons, visitor Bill’s comment had some interesting ideas in it and I’d like to examine one of those. 575 more words


5E: The Thing About Backgrounds

The thing about backgrounds in D&D 5E is this:  they’re strictly past-tense.

They’re not what you are — they’re what you were.  What you are, … 64 more words


Ain't Always About the Rules

Kids tell the best stories. Mostly because, for a kid, there are no hard and fast rules.

They’re unaffected by market demands and always show, never tell. 623 more words