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Dungeons and Dragons and Drawing.

Sometimes in the exciting world of role-playing games, there comes a time where you have to wait. In those moments, I enjoy taking pause and sketching my fellow party members as they contemplate their next move – and, of course, the occasional confused Starbuck’s patron who just came to use the wi-fi and is now wondering why the table next to him is talking about melting vampires and following disembodied floating hearts across the desert. Poor soul.


A Hobgoblin By Any Other Name Is A . . .

So I declared yesterday that Hobgoblins were criminally underrepresented. Let me explain what I mean by that. When someone, or at least I, think of the quintessential “bad guy” of D&D, at least at low levels, orcs immediately spring to mind. 453 more words


This Genre Ain't Big Enough for the Both of Us

My game group is very small, and we can’t meet very often. We try to play every other weekend, and that often turns in to once a month. 544 more words


Ring Side Report- RPG Review of the Current DnD 5e Expeditions Adventures

Product- DnD 5e Expeditions- DDEX1-1 to DDEX1-3

System- DnD 5th Edition

Price- FREE!!!  (at participating game stores)

TL; DR- Great to see the new LFR. 822 more words

Ring Side Report

Daily Punch 9-29-14 Strength Sneak Attack alternate class feature for DnD 5e

I have a rogue who want to hit hard and hit mean with none of this finesse crap.  Let’s make that happen.

Strength Sneak Attack… 93 more words


Tim Cain on same-sex marriage in The Temple of Elemental Evil

When we were putting together The Temple of Elemental Evil, we’d put together all kinds of ways you could get involved with nonplayer characters. We had a good-looking woman who a male character could get involved with.

291 more words
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