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Take A Carrot From A Donkey?

I must admit that I like all this Epic Cloak thing in the end of all.

No! I’m still not doing it for any of my chars, but here’s the point: it’s a carrot that attracts many people into LFRs and lets me find the groups for raiding. 142 more words

Mists Of Pandaria

The Goblin's Castle

Student Group: All students, however this storyline works best for lower school students

Focus on improvisation and mime

  1. Students have been captured by the Goblin King and are confined to his dungeons.
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All Students

Creating a Story

It has been some time since I sat down to create something, I believe I am going to do just that. I am going to create a story using D&D as my guild. 138 more words

Back To Basics

''Nothing can save it'' (The Arkadian Prince Ep. 1)

ather, is there anything we can do now?’’, prince Rakesh asked his father, as the once majestic kingdon of Arkadia was being conquered by the legion of cyclops soldiers commanded by emperor Zanror. 888 more words


Dungeon Level 2 and 3!

Finished work on multiple dungeons mechanic, and for testing I integrated dungeon level 2 and 3, but the game is reset again, old saves will be lost.. 175 more words

Continuous Motivation Campaigns Episode.009

Time passes as you reside in your recently completed stronghold overlooking the beautiful, picturesque Sanitoba Valley where most of your kingdom falls upon.  Thoughts fill your mind of past adventures and close calls that should have been your end, but through luck, skill, and your wits, you have achieved your dream of reigning over your now peaceful homeland. 

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Role Playing Games


We just finished the #dnd Dungeon Master's Guide! pic.twitter.com/RUjeyT8pRS

— Jeremy Crawford (@JeremyECrawford) October 14, 2014