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Random Ramblings

Just got the urge to write a blog entry. As you can guess from the title it isn’t about anything in particular.

Firstly I’ll mention that our group might manage to squeeze in some D&D games this month after all not promising anything. 240 more words

Panda Night

Our small family guild is boldy trying to have a guild dungeon night. We run two dungeons once a week. This week tragically we did Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery. 151 more words

World Of Warcraft


It seems that South Africa is always playing catch-up with other more ‘developed’ countries in terms of technology, film and entertainment… And, of course, our ever struggling Rand, for example. 558 more words

Building Up To Boss Battles

Struggling to sleep tonight so decided I would share a good tip for tabletop role playing games. If you are running a game you want to make sure you have a good build up to your big boss battles. 409 more words

You Want Me To Play What?

My wife, Bex, learns everything she needs to know about a game from the box top.  Does it have wizards? Nope, don’t like it. Does it depict warfare? 1,638 more words

Hello again!

Several things. First, I’ve reached one of my big goals! 50,000 words! So its still a novel. Nothing has really changed, in that area anyways. 205 more words

Dungeon Missions Now Get Gems When Repeated!

It looks like Mobage has listened to our cries by adding gems to repeated floors. I appears though that the amount is dramatically less than the first time. 158 more words