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Mastering as Game Master: Conceptual Dungeons Episode.030

You find yourself following a series of twisting corridors barely illuminated by your dying torchlight.  It’s been nearly two hours now of walking on the cold, stone floor, and you begin to feel the stiffness in your knees. 

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Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Campaign & Other Stuff

Apparently my track record of posting to this site has been pretty piss-poor. Maybe I’ll change that. No promises.

At the moment, I’m actually not running my own D&D campaign, which is a rarity for me. 556 more words


Gen Con badges are now on sale!

Well, it’s just another sign that convention season is well underway.

On January 23, badges for Gen Con went on sale. We’re so happy we could squee like a little girl. 152 more words


Mastering as Game Master: Creature Altering Episode.029

The morning sun rises over the horizon as you and your party stretch and walk out of your homes with the start of your adventuring career moments away. 

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Why Temporary? Reusing Season 1 to Enrich Existing Content

ICYMI: I did a post about what WvW could learn from Edge of the Mists. Posted it in the middle of a weekend, so it didn’t get much visibility. 2,204 more words


Final Fantasy XIV Through Wolfy's Eyes

I adore PvE, but abhor grouping content.  At least, the way grouping content has worked recently.  I hate how you can’t have access to new content without forcing yourself on that treadmill.   1,475 more words



“Sire! The horde of green filth is upon us! Shall I rally our defenses?”

-Sergeant Pickers, Imperial Military, Trade Road Escort

FINALLY all of the factions are now complete! 44 more words