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A Picture is Worth (x) Words

Everyone’s heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words,” but does it hold up when you’re actually counting the words?

Among writers, the subject of outlining seems to be a fundamental ongoing process question: to outline or not to outline, and also when, and in how much detail, in what form, and how closely to follow it. 280 more words


9 Arbitrarily Picked Bullet Points About Wildstar

It’s been over two weeks since I was dragged against my will, kicking and screaming, head first into the world of Wildstar, and if you were curious, yes – that was a pregnancy metaphor.  1,471 more words


Game Master Quick Tip: Dungeon Map Resources

With the right map, an encounter goes from “killing a hagmother” to “hunting a hagmother through her subterranean warren, finally cornering her in her hidden back room for her final showdown.”  Before each major encounter at the game table, I spend hours scouring the ‘net trying to find just the right map to enhance the evening’s events.   453 more words


What Dungeons And Dragons Taught Me About Wedding Ceremony Price Range Frustrations

Thank to Christa and Chris for uploading their Dungeons and Dragons-themed wedding cake to our Flickr pool.
I am an avid player of all tabletop roleplaying games. 28 more words

Wedding Dress Models

The Nightmare Cooperative now available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Surviving in monster-filled #dungeons is stressful enough, but in Nightmare Cooperative for PC, Mac and Linux, perseverance is about more than just your own #survival. 209 more words

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Regicide: New Graphics & iPad Support


First things first, demo #2 will be released before the end of August. So congratulations all two of you who were waiting. It’s going to be big: lots of bug fixes, lots of new features, three new large dungeons, and many more. 160 more words