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Who Am I To Comment? - LFT's GW Non-Debate

EVERYONE is entitled to an opinion, yes, even you if you are happily stupid.  Please look up the Dunning-Kruger Effect on Wikipedia if you are not sure if you are stupid or not. 577 more words

Global Warming

Where Do the Oxen Go? -- a short story

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, a chieftain walked along a shoreline and came upon a young man from his village. The young man, stick in hand, was scratching pictures into the sand. 152 more words

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For almost 15 fucking years now, I have been listening to one bunch of dopey bastards after another gibber and squawk about refugees or asylum seekers and boats and “illegals” and I’m fucking fed up to the fucking back teeth with it all. 1,172 more words


My Take on the Dunning-Kruger Effect.

I’m pretty damn sure that I’m not the only one who got exposed to the “Dunning-Kruger effect” term by playing DotA 2. Yes it’s true, games are educational tools too!  299 more words

Unknown Unknowns and Don't Knows or "Warts and All"

Remember back in 2002 when (then) US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld referred to the presence of what he termed “Unknown Unknowns” and was roundly mocked in the popular press as a consequence? 872 more words

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Dunning-Kruger effect in lower division courses

If you don’t know what the Dunning-Kruger effect is, go here. In a nutshell: it takes a bit of intelligence/competence to recognize one’s own incompetence. 181 more words