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What is the Dunning-Kruger Effect?

Read and participate in science blogs and forums and as sure as Godwin’s Law will be cited, somebody will also bring up Dunning-Kruger. I know I have done it myself with scientifically illiterate. 299 more words


Stuck between Imposter Syndrome and Dunning Kruger effect

It was recently mentioned the Imposter Syndrome is common among Software Developers. The post proved very popular among redditors. As a satire writer who frequently wonders if my posts are funny enough I go through the cycle frequently: 172 more words


Why It’s OK To Hate Shakespeare

Ira Glass got into a tempest of controversy recently for tweeting that “Shakespeare sucks.” The apoplexy was downright tangible. From coast to coast, Dunning-Kruger cases engaged in an orgy of signaling their erudition. 835 more words

Wisdom of crowds

In his book “The Wisdom of Crowds” James Surowiecki starts out with a story about Francis Galton, a man of many talents, who one day went to a country fair where he stumbled across a competetion, where you had to estiamte the weight of an ox when it was butchered and the person with the guess closest to the actual weight won a prize. 790 more words

Cognitive Biases

American Voters are Completely Out of Touch With Economic Experts

I recently ran across a remarkable survey of prominent US economists on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the stimulus package Obama passed at the beginning of his presidency. 1,012 more words