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Bird Nerd part 5: Big Garden Birdwatch 2014 results

Last week the RSPB released the results of the 2014 Great British bird watch. Once again house sparrows topped the list, with an average of 3.8 seen per garden. 223 more words


Two walks on the Wild Side

Notes on a Walk – Beaminster

Buzzard soaring on brindled wings, primary feathers fanned against a blue sky. A faint mewing sound carried on the breeze. 364 more words

West Dorset

Species Spotlight: Dunnocks and a Cuckoo in the Nest

This week we are taking a look at the Dunnock (Prunella modularis), a small brown bird that often goes about unnoticed. Chances are you have probably seen one, but their inconspicuous colour and tendency to sit in hedgerows and dense vegetation, means that people are often not aware of this unobtrusive bird. 448 more words


Wheat Behind The Ears At Otmoor

An early start today as the Met office were forecasting showers at Otmoor by noon. I was on the road before 6.30 and immediately regretted not packing any gloves as the temperature remained at 2 degrees or below for the 45 minute journey. 695 more words

Black, Blue and Violet

Heard my first blackcap of the year today. It was just ‘tuning-up’ its song, so a bit scratchy, whilst flitting through the trees near the Ivy North Hide and fortunately as there is very little leaf cover at the moment, I  managed to see it quite well.  206 more words

Bird ringing

Yesterday my ecology class and I went on a little field trip around campus watching our lecturer doing a bit of bird ringing. It was really interesting and we learned about all the equipment, bird capturing techniques, ringing methods and what information they collected from the captured individuals. 153 more words



A dunnock foraging under the bird feeder. I normally see these birds in hedges so I was happy to see this guy venture out.
March 2014