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Dunnock/Intergalactic Holocaust - Split

Well, look who is mr. Popular now; another new underground label contacted me to check out their stuff, but this time it’s raw black metal! Prepare your ears for impenetrable walls of distorted guitar screeches and the wailing of a madman, and some mediocre “ambient” track. 481 more words

Black Metal

Summery Again

ThanksĀ  to an extended period under high pressure (well a week or so) we now have daytime temps into the low 20’s (C) but night-time it drops to below 10 deg so a bit chilly first thing in the morning. 565 more words


What's Wrong with Boring? - #MuseItUp

Have you seen the campaign persuading us to Vote for Bob? It says the following:

A vote for Bob is a vote for nature… 488 more words