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The Bogus Customer Service of FLIPKART

Ever since I started shopping online, I was a bit averse to get inclined to Flipkart. I was always a fan of eBay and Amazon. But off late gave Flipkart a try and did many purchases of households and extravaganzas which include two laptops. 727 more words

Constructed Worlds. The City by Lori Nix

Lori Nix constructs abandoned interiors then photographs them.

My research paper could draw parallels between her work, The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, the duplicate and the uncanny. More soon.


Merging Duplicated data in Tables

//Below code is to merge the duplicated data by Summing the 
//Qty of the duplicated items.
static void MergeData() 
//Creating Bufferes tables.
MergingTable temp,temp1; 50 more words


Latex add both appendices and annexes

I’m using the appendix package in a latex document to add appendices and have them in my table of contents. I’m also using the hyperref package to get links from the toc to the sections. 259 more words

fdupes - Removing Duplicate Files (Linux)

The Problem

Thousands of duplicate files that you can’t possibly imagine going through and deleting on your own.

The Solution

The wonderful fdupes command.

How to Install… 214 more words


Java code to Remove Duplicate Objects from ArrayList in java

List is an Ordered Collection. List can contains duplicate entries.

If List contains Custom Objects like Employee, then how do we delete duplicate Employee objects from List? 257 more words

Removing Duplicate Entry from List

I have a List contains Integer numbers and want to remove duplicate Entries.

Below is the code to remove duplicate entries from List:

package com.test; 84 more words