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fdupes - Removing Duplicate Files (Linux)

The Problem

Thousands of duplicate files that you can’t possibly imagine going through and deleting on your own.

The Solution

The wonderful fdupes command.

How to Install… 214 more words


Java code to Remove Duplicate Objects from ArrayList in java

List is an Ordered Collection. List can contains duplicate entries.

If List contains Custom Objects like Employee, then how do we delete duplicate Employee objects from List? 257 more words

Removing Duplicate Entry from List

I have a List contains Integer numbers and want to remove duplicate Entries.

Below is the code to remove duplicate entries from List:

package com.test; 84 more words

You shouldn't read this

Released a little more than a week ago is a new network marketing program. It’s called The Freedom Fighters Network. For Marketers with little to no experience, this program is perfect. 77 more words

Duplicates Records in Multiple Fields with MySql

Retrieving count of Duplicated Records

SELECT firstname, lastname, COUNT(*)
FROM staff
GROUP BY firstname, lastname

Retrieving The Individual Duplicated Records… 38 more words


bj0rN's Naxxaramas Card Review (Week 2)

The second wing of Naxxaramas, The Plague Quarter, was released and we were granted access to another 5 of the new cards. Some of us probably had a hard time unlocking the Plague Quarter and clearing it.  839 more words


Hearthstone: Webspinner, Duplicate, Anub'ar Ambusher, Posion Seeds

Hello everybody, Geek Generation here.

I thought i’ll talk about the first few class cards from Curse of Naxxramas before the other wings are released. As of now, the four cards that are available for deck construction are Webspinner, Duplicate, Anub’ar Ambusher and Poison Seeds. 530 more words