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Seek and Destroy duplicate AD objects with CNF in the name

For various reasons, there are times when Active Directory may encounter a situation where multiple objects appear. The duplicates will be named with a CNF: on the end of the name. 142 more words


Golden Gate or Streams and cloning or database copy

You have Golden Gate or Streams configured in production. You cloned the database to Development.
Problem: Symptoms:

  • Performance seems sluggish.
  • Oracle Background CPnn (Streams Capture) processes are active.
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SBS 2011 OWA, ActiveSync and Autodiscover not working after restore - duplicate / copy files in library

One of our techs had a funny one the other day – a power outage and surge went straight through a client’s UPS, and rebooted the ESXi box running a virtualised instance of SBS 2011.  902 more words

IT And Technology

Steps (High level) to clone a database using RMAN DUPLICATE command based on init parameter file and given backup (RMAN) set of files:

Please Note: In spite this blog is based on my own testing, experience and knowledge, please consider verifying the steps, tailoring it according to your need, and testing it in your development/QA region before implementing it in production. 555 more words

Oracle Database


A drawing I drew last year, using a photo editing application on my phone I split what is one drawing into two to create an intricate design.



Duplicate MySQL database from command line

  1. Create the target database using MySQLAdmin or your preferred method. In this example, my_database_copy is the target database, where the source database my_database will be copied.
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Today - Challenge (1)

Trong tất cả các status trên facebook và các thể loại to-do list hào hứng thì thử thách hôm nay được đặt tên Today-Challenge.

Bảng gốc mình cần thao tác có cấu trúc và nội dung tương tự như bảng dưới, tổng kích thước khoảng 900 dòng mỗi bảng x 2 bảng. 527 more words

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