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Celebrate unity --- diversity is nothing to cheer

Assimilation binds, separatism divides Americans

In January 1994, speaking in Milwaukee, then-vice president Al Gore gave a speech in which he appeared to have mistakenly translated the Latin-based national motto E Pluribus Unum as “Out of One, Many.” 478 more words

Those Dems

572.2 - Reza Aslan and Islamic Duplicity - YouTube

How can Islam be inherently violent? How do Muslim leaders dupe Americans into believe it is a “peaceful religion”? They simply lie about it. Learn about Reza Aslan (and others like him) and why knowing the words and deeds of Islam teaches us violence.

Religion of Peace update: Canada addresses home grown terrorism

Violence calculated to intimidate Canadians after joining the war against ISIS jihadists meets strong resistance from PM Harper

 Unlike the United States where the word “terrorist” is verboten, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper swiftly described the perpetrator of a “brutal and violent” attack on the Parliament complex in Ottawa Wednesday as “ 255 more words

Those Dems

Desire and repression

Unobscured object of desire I am, salacious and wanton
Is it not a comedy what we learn to love the things once rotten

Soft, young, firm and tight if sex sells then this is the event horizon… 118 more words

Scarlet And Me

The democrat candidate for governor ... former Republican Gov Charlie Crist and FANGATE

Charlie Crist the former Republican Governor of Florida is now running for governor as a democrat after losing the U.S. Senate race as an Independent after having lost the Republican Senate primary race.  613 more words


Indicted! Austin & Logan Flake, Todd & MaLeisa Hughes

Felony & misdemeanor charges filed against Sen. Jeff Flake’s son Austin, wife Logan and her parents

Four long months after the heat-related, suffocation deaths of nearly two dozen dogs at a Gilbert kennel, the owners and caretakers have been charged with multiple felony and misdemeanor counts. 350 more words


Its not me its you - Nice guys don’t finish last

I’m a bit bored by this whinny male thing were men go – “Chicks only dig arseholes” no, really, some maybe, but the thing is – … 998 more words

Wisdom Of A Whore