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Illegal ID thieves become victims in topsy-turvy world

The laws that Arizona citizens look to for protection from the life-altering crime of identity theft are not worthy of being enforced if the perpetrator happens to be an illegal alien, in the world according to U.S. 345 more words

Illegal Immigration

AZ Republic roughs up Jeff Flake in lover’s spat

Hollywood divorces are sensational news though they occur with enough regularity to render them humdrum. There’s always a peroxide blonde dumper or dumpee grabbing the headlines. 527 more words


Time Lies

Time lies, feeling like always —

words delivered in a moment,

wrapped in a tangled veil of doubt.

Time lies, lingering an instant —

memories born of greatness, 71 more words

Poetic Prose

The World On Fire


When I was young I thought it was a moral virtue to trust people. This is not at all true. This is primarily a list of verses to show how the Bible teaches us to actively avert naïve trust. 2,542 more words
Martyrs And The Church

Harry Reid‘s amnesty positions: Old and new versions

“No sane country would do that, right?” asked Harry Reid

This is U.S. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) in 1993, standing in fervent opposition to the amnesty he now supports. 176 more words

Those Dems

Who do these women think they are?

There is one common theme that runs throughout all the blogs on here written by betrayed wives. The OWs seem to think they have rights over the married man they are having sex with. 536 more words


Mexico aids its own citizens efforts to stay in U$A

Are Republican House and Senate majorities poised to retreat on amnesty?

Mexicans living illegally in the United States are not only getting assistance via Barack Obama’s executive order shielding them from deportation, they are also getting help leaving Mexico… 290 more words

Those Dems