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Awaiting GJ decision: Will mob rule reign in Ferguson?

Taught by Obama, Ferguson vigilantes employ lawless tactics, pump up divisiveness

The aftermath of the Aug. 9 shooting death of unarmed black teen Michael Brown by white police officer Darren Wilson in Ferguson, Missouri has ignited a firestorm of protestors. 283 more words


Obama’s raw contempt for constitution’s separation of powers & Update

Statements from Arizona’s D.C. delegation

The President of the United States, a onetime senior lecturer who later claimed to be a “constitutional law professor,” has shown his ineptness regarding the subject. 368 more words

Those Dems

Sinner Monster

Actual text from my inbox yesterday:

“But William, monsters didn’t used to eat people. They used to only just be nice. But they are sinners now.”


Carrying A Concealed Weapon: The Story of Ehud

The Biblical stories of the Judges are frequently both fascinating and problematic.

There’s the whole business of Gideon’s fleeces, and whether that was a good idea that we ought to copy or God being gracious with a man teetering on the edge of unbelief. 3,552 more words

Faith & Life

Religion of Peace flexes Muslim Brotherhood muscle

Sunday is an appropriate day to post the recent decision by Gary Hall, the Dean of the National Cathedral in Washington, D,C, to host Muslim prayers.  284 more words


Obama 2011: Executive order on amnesty “not appropriate”

Obama 2014: Eagerly embraces Mexico’s poverty exportation scheme as political retaliation

The news is rife with speculation that lame-duck President Barack Obama intends to unveil a series of executive orders that will shield millions of illegal aliens living in the U. 355 more words


Lip Service: No Time for Duplicity

All your empty promises. Your word has no value; boast of your pure intentions, plead the 5th to all willing to listen, but I see the contradictions. 220 more words