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Chinese Prices for Imported Tropical Fruit Spike Owing to Poor Weather in Chile and Southeast Asia

The price of durian was only at 11-12 yuan [~US$1.85] per half a kilo last year . This year it has increased to 18.8 yuan per half a kilo. 112 more words


Banana Choco and Durian Pancake

Tadaaa.. Banana choco and durian pancake. Heavenly tasty in a simple way!! Nom nom..


Khasiat Buah Durian

Durian merupakan tanaman buah berupa pohon. Sebuah durian diduga berasal dari istilah Melayu, yaitu dari kata duri yang diberi akhiran -an. Kata ini terutama dipergunakan untuk menyebut buah yang kulitnya berduri tajam. 189 more words


Ice-cream even before dinner

I sat down at the table where the friends were. Before anything else, they said, “we eat, don’t over-order, we save space go Udders for ice-cream…” -.- 236 more words


Durian !! Delicous

It has being a long time since my last update.

Bought durian 红虾 from Chinatown. $15 each.


Craving durian dessert in Singapore CBD

I read in the local daily newspaper about a cafe that offers a durian dessert. OWL cafe in Republic Plaza is newly opened and if you are in the city, you might like to check it out. 86 more words


Mengapa bunga dan Buah Muda Durian Rontok ?

Mengapa bunga dan Buah Muda Durian Rontok ? Bagaimana Mengatasi Buah Muda Durian Rontok ?

Saat yang membahagiakan pemilik pohon durian adalah saat pohonnya berbunga. Bayangkan, betapa nikmat menyantap durian hasil jerih payah sendiri. 505 more words