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2h. Amarr Empire

“I just got a huge tip!” exclaims Amarr Certified News Corporation Public Relations agent Irnal Kile. Chief of Staff Shahoun Siharkhail perks his head up and responds “Is that so?” Shahoun displays a big wide smile across his face in reaction to Irnal’s excitement. 1,219 more words

Advert: SponkSponkSponk's Eve-Dust Isk Transfer Service

A corp mate has started a service where players in Eve can transfer isk to players in Dust, or vice versa.

I have used his service in the past in both directions, and it’s been quick and easy (although to be fair, we’re all in AU time zone so it’s a lot easier when you’re able to talk via voice). 23 more words

Eve Online

World of Darkness Goes Dark

CCP Games today announced that they have cancelled the World of Darkness massively multiplayer online (MMO) game project in development in their Atlanta, GA studio.

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2g. Amarr Empire

The Station Commander chuckles, having just informed Michael of his Jita parade attire. Michael can  feel his face heating up as his body is seething with anger. 1,177 more words

2f. Amarr Empire

Michael opens his eyes and smiles as he sits up and see’s a familiar face. There she is, looking absolutely radiant. Michael notices immediately that she changed her hair from the last time he saw her. 1,466 more words

2e. Amarr Empire

“How did our little slave friend do in his Battle Academy outing?” asks the Station Commander with  half a smile on his face. “Absolutely terrible.” replies Ametat Security CEO Zeniket Faviri while  rolling his eyes. 1,267 more words

2d. Amarr Empire

“Now listen closely, recruits” says battle academy instructor Spartan Princess. “When you drop out  of the Mobile Command Center(MCC), you MUST trigger your inertia dampener.” he continues “Because if  you don’t, you will die and you will cost your team a clone.” A few of the recruits scribble that  bit of advice down in their notebooks. 1,290 more words