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The Rain on the Soil back Home

Write down the first words that comes to mind when we say . . .. . . home.. . . soil.. . . 995 more words

Daily Prompt

Rainbows and Dust Storms by larryreeves

A rainbow appears during a dust storm hitting the Superstition mountain range in Arizona during Monsoon season 2014
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Weather Blues

The weather’s turned nasty. Cold, windy and dusty. Unhealthy, in other words. This is usual during what we call the winter here in Bahrain. But when it begins, it hurts as if it’s the first time it’s happened! 35 more words


An American Story (Part 2)

I stood there for a few minutes looking back at him and he held my gaze which , quite frankly, was more than I expected.  Neither of us talked and that seemed somehow appropriate.   586 more words

An American Story

DREAM PREDICTION: First fog, now dust: Sandstorm cuts visibility on Qatar roads

(cross reference with http://spiderthoughtwoman.wordpress.com/2015/01/08/dreams-sand-storms-dresses-earths-crust-etc/)

DREAMS: had a dream last night lovely, flying around spinning and dancing in the air in beautiful dresses…. but then a not so nice one of this sand storm coming to get us and we having to escape for being buried under it.. 150 more words

Dream Analyis

Dusty Days

Summer dust storms are pretty common out here.

Mostly it is a pain, as afterwards, there is dust everywhere.

The benefit to these dust storms is the sunsets, they can be quite spectacular. 19 more words