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Packing: More Than Just A Box

Packing. What is this evil I have stumbled upon. No greater frustration than putting all if your belongings in tiny cardboard boxes and moving from point A to point B. 449 more words


The Son shines through the dark,

I see the dust and dirt

The Spirit Wind blows,

The fog of dust is gone

With the light of the Son… 20 more words


A Month in Hong Kong

This is a month’s worth of living in Hong Kong while wearing a respro mask.

You can see the results of the filter collecting air pollution, dust from construction sites (there are many here) and other bits from the roadside. 243 more words


From Dust

From dust He formed us
From dust He crafted
His masterpieces
Humanity was formed
Molded and filled
With a purpose
And then He
Gave that dust life… 17 more words

God's Love

Allergies, be gone! PLEASE.

I am beginning to hate summer in America. Ok, let me rephrase that. I am beginning to hate summer in New York.

When some of my friends who migrated here before me said they started to have allergies of different kinds after a couple of years here in the U.S., I got a little worried. 502 more words


Children of the Dusty Plums

the tiniest children come for the plums
begging for what they can’t reach
plum brave they ring the bell again and again
I’ve not met these eyes ablaze, 72 more words