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“Do you come home after 8 hours of work to spend another 4 cleaning your house? Or are you too busy taking care of your children to do the housework?

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Bed Bugs: The Latest Drug Craze

Not much can hold a candle to the absurdity of America’s latest legal “drug” craze. From snorting bath salts to huffing jenkem, the United States’ War on Drugs is driving the overly insistent law abiding citizens of America to the very brink of their dignity, that is, if they even have any even left. 353 more words

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Sprucing up for Spring

Dusting, vacuuming, washing, painting…
The list goes on and on.  Fortunately, we made it through the long winter and many are happy to welcome spring cleaning.  271 more words

Farm Bureau Insurance

A Clean House

It is sometimes difficult to motivate myself to start the cleaning.

But once I do, I usually don’t mind it at all (unlike cooking, which I despise!). 24 more words


Paying It Forward: Fairy Dusting

Some time ago, several of us Vendors started a quiet little tradition amongst ourselves at the Market, a sort of “Every one of the Vending Family that we can get to, refer to, or share with on a given Market  gets an extra, … 460 more words



She called and said, “Enough, mom I can’t take it anymore. I can’t stay with him anymore.”

She kept the phone. Dragged herself to the kitchen, with heavy eyes started to drink some water. 101 more words


Keeping House

Keeping House

repetition soothes
rhyme moves

dusting proves
wash removes

cooking chews
linens smoothed

worried views
tossed a-skewed

repetition soothes
rhyme moves