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Bautista for J. Upton and Morneau

Dutch Boy gives: Jose Bautista

Mendoza gives: Justin Upton, Justin Morneau 

What’s the premium to get a star outfielder on the Canadian team? An extra Canadian player on top. 146 more words

Underdogs/Shagsters trade

Underdogs gives: Jason Kipnis, Angel Pagan

Shagsters gives: Brandon Moss, Chase Utley, Brad Ziegler

Dutch Boy won this one. Never mind Ziegler, whose K/BB isn’t what’s needed. 307 more words

Dutch Boy took the wrong deal.

Words can’t truly describe GCBL Blog’s disgust at what Dave did to Dutch Boy so there won’t be any more. The question was asked on the message board, rhetorically or not, as to why Dutch Boy should have taken my deal instead. 319 more words

Andy Behrens on Fantasy Trading: OK, but...

Andy Behrens is a Yahoo employee who has to crank out a certain amount of content a week. I’ve had similar jobs, and I can sympathize. 459 more words

WARNING: Blog Consumer Advisory

Some things apparently need spelling out. Aside from this blog’s tagline having always been “white lies, damned lies, and statistics” (go ahead, look up at the top of the page) we sometimes take creative licence here in an effort to be funny or to try to prove a point. 338 more words

Stop reading this Goddamn blog. Right now. Just stop.

I created this blog as a repository for my private thoughts. Well, David Ortiz and the Ayatollah Khomeni pop in from time to time, but that’s it. 273 more words