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EN: The O bag

Do you know that feeling? You are searching for a new bag but you couldn’t find the perfect one. Not the colour that you want, you don’t like the handles or you find the one with the perfect looks but it’s to small. 343 more words


EN: From secondhand blanket, to lovely winter coat

Now winter is coming and it’s pretty cold outside so I think it’s the perfect time to share this with you. A few weeks ago I saw the brand Wintervacht on television. 274 more words


La mia idea? è un puzzle - intervista a Hella Jongerius

Inventa colori e forme che fanno tendenza. Eppure Hella Jongerius fa di tutto per stare lontana dalla moda. Ecco perché

Quando si è sensibili all’estetica il bombardamento di informazioni, suggestioni e sapori è continuo tam tam ossessivo e tentatore, come un coro di sirene». 145 more words


Daan in tecno-poeta

C’è una sedia, nello studio di Daan Roosegaarde a Rotterdam, che rimane quasi sempre vuota. Chi la conosce, infat- ti, la evita. «Funziona con un sistema di riconoscimento vo- cale: chi si siede e dice “Ja maar” (sì, ma…) si prende una scossa elettrica». 88 more words


A city of lights, Glow Eindhoven 2014

It is maybe a little to late to blog about, but I totally forgot to tell you guys to tell about my tour through Eindhoven. I went to Glow with a couple of friends. 224 more words


Philips LFH 0195 Voice Recorder

Philips LFH 0195 Voice Recorder



Yet another flea market find.  Despite several Google searches since I picked up this voice recorder, the only relevant information I could find is that it appeared in the 1981 James Bond film “For Your Eyes Only” where it was used to secretly tape a conversation between James Bond (Roger Moore) and Aristotle Kristatos (Julian Glover). 177 more words