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The Dutch Clog

Yes, some might wear a yellow dutch clog such as this:

Although, they do make for a fashionable, and rather practical fashion statement.

I am talking about the hilarious 2 wheeled version! 36 more words


Think of the neighbours, no noise after 10 in the evenings

  • denken aan – think of
  • de buur (pl. buren) – neighbours
  • ‘s avonds – in the evening
  • het lawaai – noise
  • na - after
  • geen lawaai – no noise

Getting Things to Work

Those of you who have been following me for a while now may know that things are going rather slow. I am drowning in a pool of bureaucracy with no real end in sight. 256 more words

Visiting Missouri

Bicycling the dutch way

Bicycling in the city is a fascinating idea. It’s a double-edged sword to fight away both health issues and environmental crisis that plague our cities today. 255 more words


5 More Days... And Gluten-Free Crepes!

Today’s Uterine Lining: 9.5mm

BIG update: Our FET is scheduled for Sunday, August 3rd at 6:50 am! One day ahead of what I had anticipated. So instead of being 6 days until the transfer, we’ve got 5 days…. 186 more words

Renaud Verstraeten for Levi's Skateboarding : welcome video - NETHERLANDS

Renaud Verstraeten is the new flow rider for Levi’s Skateboarding Dutch team.


Summer Thriller - SUMMER HOUSE WITH SWIMMING POOL by Herman Koch

Herman Koch’s new novel, SUMMER HOUSE WITH SWIMMING POOL is the follow-up to his 2012 novel, THE DINNER and it’s also receiving positive response from critics and readers alike. 333 more words

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