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Dutchsinse - X1.6 Solar Flare - Earth Directed CME ( Coronal Mass Ejection ) - 11-8-14


Multiple views of the Earth directed X-class (X1.6) solar flare, and associated Coronal Mass Ejection which occurred late on November 7th going into November 8th 2014. 19 more words

Worldwide - Earthquake Activity is Way Up

A global surge of great earthquakes from 2004-2014 and implications for Cascadia

“The last ten years have been a remarkable time for great earthquakes. Since December 2004 there have been no less than 18 quakes of Mw8.0 or greater – a rate of more than twice that seen from 1900 to mid-2004.” 77 more words

Seismic Activity

10/22/2014 -- Dutchsinse - Ecuador / Columbia Border - Two Volcanoes could erupt at once -- Last eruption 160,000 years ago


Breaking news out of Colombia South America into Ecuador.

Full website post here with links to more information on both volcanoes:


Scientists are monitoring two dormant (borderline extinct) volcanoes along the Colombia / Ecuador border. 83 more words