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Your auditor's name, again

On September 22, I posted about the proposal to publish the name the senior audit partner who signed off on a company’s audit. http://bit.ly/1qoAUo0

One would think that having to sign something with your own name, and have that reported to the market, would be an important check on behavior.  85 more words


Guest Post on Everlaw: Is An Attorney Responsible for Manually Reviewing Discovery Before Production?

I prepared a guest post for Everlaw’s blog on an attorney’s ethical duty to follow a client’s instruction to manually review documents prior to production. 154 more words


Who is looking after baby?

Shared Parental Leave rules change with effect from 1st October 2014. From that date women will be able to split all but the first two compulsory weeks of Maternity Leave with their partner and prospective fathers and partners of pregnant women will have the right to take time off to attend two antenatal appointments. 318 more words

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An Iatrogenic Death: Part 4

Dad was taken back to theatre for an emergency laparotomy the following afternoon. By then more than 24 hours had passed since the surgeon had been called to review him because of his high temperature, low blood pressure and fast heart rate. 619 more words


An Iatrogenic Death: Part 3

After the operation my father was returned to the ward at about 5.30pm. I rang my mother that evening to see if she had any news. 1,127 more words


‘NOWHERE FAST’ - In what circumstances might a bus driver be held liable to a passenger injured as a result of a fall on a bus?

 By Andrew Wilson

Most personal injury practitioners will have had experience of dealing with a claim made by a passenger, injured as a result of falling whilst on a bus. 793 more words


Managed Travel: Curriculum For High Risk Travelers

Each day an employee spends on the road increases their exposure to risk. They’re often in unfamiliar places, eating unfamiliar food, and operating on less sleep than they would get at home. 235 more words

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