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The Real Victims

In the Tampa Tribune,  editor Lee Hanson claims that the “Stand Your Ground Law” is fine the way it is. Well sorry Mr. Hanson, but we beg to differ. 435 more words

Stand Your Ground

The Necessity of Duty to Retreat

One of the most repulsive aspects of Stand Your Ground is the absence of duty to retreat. Duty to retreat means defendants must have made an effort to withdrawal from the situation and demonstrate they didn’t have the intent to fight before they use force. 563 more words

Stand Your Ground

Kentucky Self-Defense Law

The right to act in self-defense is a topic that always seems to have strong opinions and emotions involved.  From George Zimmerman to Michael Dunn it seemed like Florida was constantly in the news last year and the national media’s misguided focus on Stand Your Ground laws didn’t help.  808 more words