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Shoes are good for your soul.


Delta Trading: Intro and Vega Prime

SB theory. Here we go again.

Too many concepts with too much to explore, with out a clear path to follow leaves the amateur statistician and trader left with nothing. 670 more words


I'm not afraid

“I’m not afraid // To take a stand // Everybody // Come take my hand // We’ll walk this road together, through the storm // Whatever weather, cold or warm // Just letting you know that you’re not alone // Holla if you feel like you’ve been down the same road” -  760 more words
Domestic Abuse

This week two controversial pieces of writing caught my eye, and then stayed in my mind because, despite inhabiting different ends of the publicity spectrum (one being local and domestic, the other international and celebrity-driven), they actually had a lot of common ground. 991 more words



About a week ago, I was asked to give a speech. A testimony. Usually, I’d be nervous, reciting the words over and over in my head, telling the butterflies in my stomach to stop fluttering so fast and worrying about possibly stumbling over my words. 187 more words

Police Response To Domestic Abuse Cases

Late last month the HMIC released a report surrounding the issue of domestic violence and the ways in which police forces within the UK deal with such abuse cases.  583 more words

Domestic Violence Myths

Originally posted here, credits to fairi5fair and Hasmat.

50 domestic violence myths:



US Child Abuse Stats show men fail to compete with women… when it comes to abusing children, (stats for 2007, but check for years ahead and find that mothers are still the reigning child abuse champions): … 2,956 more words