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Cheap EVGA GeForce GT 610 2048MB GDDR3, DVI, VGA and HDMI Graphics Card 02G-P3-2619-KR

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Today marks 1 year to the day since I left my abusive husband

Today also marks 1 year that my children and I have been living in shelters. Every day (aside from the single day I got a hotel for us for the night) we have been living in domestic violence shelters. 407 more words

he hurt me but it felt like true love

one dislocated hip. six cracked ribs. four stab wounds. one fractured skull. 2 popped spinal discs. one torn ligament. one sprained ankle. three broken fingers. one damaged womb. 187 more words

Addressing the Gaps: Mighty Fine from the American Public Health Association talks solutions with Speranza.

A meeting packed with tactful conversation took place between Mighty Fine, the American Public Health Association’s (APHA) violence expert, and the Speranza team July 17, 2014. 483 more words