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My first meet at SIF (Save Indian Family)

SIF Hyderabad chapter meet every Sunday at 10 am at Indira park, lower tank bund road, to counsel the men facing false 498a, dowry cases. Yesterday was my visit to SIF meet, though I am not facing any kind of dowry case, because I strongly believe you need not be a victim to fight for a cause ( synonymous to you need not to be raped to fight against rape).  705 more words



List of things I need to do…
Go through my things and purge. Donate and sell what I can.
Cut down my spending and focus only on necessary things. 52 more words


Pistorious - A movie in the making

Money can buy the best legal & PR team in South Africa, but buying blood thirsty and fame driven criminals is another matter.  Might be best to talk to “The General” of the Numbers Gang. 218 more words



Dear Readers,

My cousin is currently interning for an organization called Break the Cycle, which focuses on teaching youth about dating abuse and healthy relationships. Check out their website at  297 more words


October: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

There is so much talk going about Domestic Violence as October is in support of raising awareness. Many people often choose a specific cause, that may or may not come close to their heart, to support. 413 more words

Domestic Violence. Men Are At Risk

When it comes to Domestic Violence people need to realize that almost everything you hear from women’s activist groups, politicians, movie stars and pretty much anything the mainstream media outlets report is completely one sided with data that has been cherry picked to death to exclude the problem of male victim DV. 496 more words

Men's Rights

How the Law Turns Battered Women into Criminals

Please read Alex Campbell’s exhaustively well-researched article on the incarceration of victims of domestic violence. In many states, the law allows for the prosecution of women who “allow” their abusive partners to harm/hurt their children. 139 more words