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On the UVA rape article

LIke the rest of the country, I have been reading a lot about what has come to be know as the “UVA Rape Case”. In case you missed it because you, like me, have been busy preparing to hibernate during the coming winter, here is a link to the original… 717 more words


I committed an act of violence once and it left me in shock.....

Sorry Sweeties I’m a tad day late writing this weeks blog post. I’m not entirely sure what will spill out of me today. I am laying here on my bed in the heat of the afternoon, after hanging my clothes up in my closet, just resting. 937 more words

Sweet Soul Survival

Blue Shield Against Violence Commits $4.9 million to Support the Anti-DV Field!

The Blue Shield Foundation announced today that they are committing $4.9 million to support anti-DV agencies and projects in California!

“We are incredibly proud to end the year with continued support for organizations that make our state safer and healthier,” said Peter Long, PhD, president and CEO of Blue Shield of California Foundation. 181 more words

On good people, bad people, and people people

When everything was happening to me last spring, I began looking for meaning in the world around me in a way I never have before. I started to wonder a lot about whether there were such things as good people and bad people, which is not like me at all. 541 more words


On insults, put-downs, verbal and emotional abuse pt.1

With every case of physical abuse comes the unavoidable emotional abuse that is interdependent. One person cannot repeatedly physically abuse another unless they already have a semblance of emotional control. 758 more words


Poem: You Were

You Were

You were the rage that ripped me out.

You were the virus in my eye.

You were a cruel and hateful lout.

You were the life that passed me by. 264 more words