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an amazing custom (free verse)

I love this custom
through and through
it is like food
for my lone soul
gives me energy
no vitamin can 335 more words

The Apolitical Armchair

Placed in a living room,

as a feature of décor,

this noble herald of the recline

is privy to every opinion

but lives life un-salient. 109 more words


Minor Inceptions

A curve, in the road.
The wind in the bend.
Trees among sidewalks;
Homes, without end.

These are some few things
Reminding again
That minor inceptions… 62 more words

Poetry - The Stuff Of Life

fit in my pocket (free verse)

If Canada could fit in my pocket

If I could fit you in my pocket
you’d be strong but not heavy
tough skinned but still pretty… 151 more words