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Synaptic Stupidity

In the synapse

Between Fantasy and Reality

Neurotransmitters dance

To the overpowering beat

Of Denial

Wishful neurons

Passing jolts

Of hopeful electricity

Back and forth… 22 more words


Absinthe Minded

Absinthe Minded

With the grace and delicacy
of a tea ceremony

Wedge-lipped crystal
with bulbous bottom

aswirl with the
green fairy muse of

Wilde and vanGogh… 87 more words

After Closing--a Haibun

I sneak into the Pub after closing. The air still zings with the echoes of poets and their words. Energy pulsates. I touch words leftover, discarded in favor of others. 239 more words


kind of discovered

after a long break now moving back into the diverse flock and have missed you all

lips of dark closed,
night still warm
swallowed a graceless sun, 75 more words


To ripen soul



Tears are washing, sloughing memory, drawing blinds on swollen eyes,


cleansing the defective, rubbing omen stains through hours that ring


hollow in the emptied shell, that waste of love which life was steering; 281 more words

You sigh too much....

You sigh too much, he said,
why do you do that?
Sigh. How could I say that my
soul sighed, that my heart
released held breath because, 97 more words

Pre-Wedding Surprise (Rollie, Part I)

Rollie, Amy, and Bob, July 1984

Pre-Wedding Surprise (Rollie, Part I)

What a night
Jo and Rollie drove down
from our hometown to NYC
We chowed Chinese, then… 244 more words