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The Garden of Plenty

A garden of plenty,
best seen by light,

sleeps quiet as many
all though the night.

A lonely cicada
makes a great sound,

where none but the one… 92 more words

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I pass by your house,
such a lovely estate!
Compared to your neighbors,
it looks you’ve done great.
I’ve looked upon you;
we’ve met face to face – 148 more words

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Blinded by the Pattern (dverse)

Blinded by the Pattern

Front room blinds
Lines and ever more lines
Perfect symmetry, vertical, straight
Setting sun squeezes through, says it’s getting too late… 222 more words


In Media Res


Alice E Henley,

Let’s make this easy:


She was born In Kentucky,

Nearer Tennessee,

A smart August baby

In media res.


Even when spirits… 236 more words

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In the Moments

     of Eternity

I draw from me

     an Ecstasy –


It comes to me,



     and Euphony.


A Symphony

     from Tympany… 32 more words

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O, the Dreams We Conjour

I wrote this straight to art paper before I went to sleep the other night. Iraq, US-backed Israel vs. “we already bombed the hell out of the Arab world already” Palestine. 103 more words


Synaptic Stupidity

In the synapse

Between Fantasy and Reality

Neurotransmitters dance

To the overpowering beat

Of Denial

Wishful neurons

Passing jolts

Of hopeful electricity

Back and forth… 21 more words