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an amazing custom (free verse)

I love this custom
through and through
it is like food
for my lone soul
gives me energy
no vitamin can 335 more words

The Apolitical Armchair

Placed in a living room,

as a feature of décor,

this noble herald of the recline

is privy to every opinion

but lives life un-salient. 109 more words


Minor Inceptions

A curve, in the road.
The wind in the bend.
Trees among sidewalks;
Homes, without end.

These are some few things
Reminding again
That minor inceptions… 62 more words

Poetry - The Stuff Of Life

fit in my pocket (free verse)

If Canada could fit in my pocket

If I could fit you in my pocket
you’d be strong but not heavy
tough skinned but still pretty… 151 more words


In Houses Gone Silent

Lying and sleeping
far off in bed,
He heard his name called:
“Pop!” what it said.

“Dear Heart! I’m coming.”
and rose from his bed; 102 more words

Poetry - The Stuff Of Life


A change of direction,
Some call it correction,
Upon introspection,

It’s all in the turn;
From denouement,
Some lesson to learn – 20 more words

Poetry - The Stuff Of Life