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City Songs for Poetics

My brothers and I grew up in a small French town in Northern France – a tiny place by American or Chinese standards. But, once in a while, our parents would take us to Paris and we would go to the Eiffel Tower, visit a museum or an exhibition. 591 more words


an amazing custom (free verse)

I love this custom
through and through
it is like food
for my lone soul
gives me energy
no vitamin can 335 more words


Were we destiny?
Or were you just my fate boy?
Did I walk away?

© Emily Page


D'Verse Meeting The Bar - FAIR

As I contemplated my article today, I was thinking how it was the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. I always hate to see autumn go. 520 more words


It’s Only a Name…Or is It?


It feels contrived

seeing myself in my name

when the birds fly off in a different angle

ink from a pen blots the page

and the paintbrush is stationary… 165 more words


fit in my pocket (free verse)

If Canada could fit in my pocket

If I could fit you in my pocket
you’d be strong but not heavy
tough skinned but still pretty… 151 more words