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Please Don't Tell My Television I Said Anything Bad about It.

Television has become the monster in my house that I am afraid to confront. The second I click ‘power’ the blue glow fills the otherwise dark room, because, of course I turned the TV on before the lights…Because who needs lights when you got TV? 1,051 more words


Perangkat Dasar CCTV yang umum diketahui

CCTV sendiri adalah singkatan dari Closed Circuit Television, yang dapat diartikan sebagai Perangkat Televisi yang signalnya bersifat tertutup, yang digunakan untuk mengambil gambar dan memantau aktivitas di ruang lingkup target area. 253 more words


Oh Sweet DVR

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the past few weeks of being a mom, it’s record EVERYTHING. Keeping up with my weekly reality shows have become impossible so thank goodness for the DVR and since we have Dish, I may as well plug the Hopper because everyone knows that memory loss is something to look forward to post partum. 29 more words

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wouldn’t you know it had to happen on a sunday night?

not that my life isn’t over the top incredibly exciting AT ALL TIMES, but tonight, well, i had, ahem, for a change, ahem, thought to cozy up to the sunday night line up which includes all things ‘the good wife’, followed by the evil goings on in the hamptons thanks to that sweet emily extracting ‘revenge’. 155 more words


Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards

If you are like me, you don’t have a Video Cassette Recorder (VCR).  I gave my away a long time ago because it stopped recording.  Oh, it would play back any pre-recorded tape, but it stopped recording. 249 more words

My View Of The World

Mini DV Md80 DVR Video Camera Microsd, supports upto 4GB (Black)

Built- in lithium battery for 2 hours continuous use, voice-activated video can use more time.

The Golden Age of Bullshit

Everybody in our industry should watch this. You don’t have to agree with it all, but most of it is hard to argue with.