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Firefly The Game, Dwarf Fortress Adventure Mode, and Scenes From a Hat

Due to it beingĀ Easter Monday and a day off, it was a good opportunity today to catch up on some long-playing youtube videos of Firefly the game, Dwarf Fortress, and Scenes from a Hat. 556 more words

Dwarf Fortress

So with a quick search or two around WordPress reveals that there is only one blog that actively posts about Dwarf Fortress which can be found… 224 more words


Episode 17: Leave That Troll Tripe In The Dust

I arrive to find two contemptible fools named Ushat and Zulban filling the job queue with cancels eat: could not find path. One is pining after a male cave fish, the other, some preserved helmet snake meat. 385 more words

Dwarf Fortress

It's that time again

Summer is here and the elves have unloaded their goods on the table ready for what is to come.The troglodytes are being very elusive and the hammerer is still no eating or drinking. 89 more words

Dwarf Fortress

Little pests

Troglodytes invade! there seems to be about six or so troglodytes that have come from the depths and are insisting on being a nuisance. I have gathered our armies, fought, and killed four at this point and am looking for the remaining two or more. 64 more words

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So, the hammerer has decided to be stupid and not be able to find the path to food and drink… he is standing in the food storage room with no health problems so he should be able to move just fine. 21 more words

Dwarf Fortress


The pond is now crossible (much to the relief of the Dwarves) so we went from 22 idlers to 1 as soon as the changes were made :) 26 more words

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