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On Dwarf Fortress...

For years I’ve been reading in forums that the only true way to play DF was ascii. I was never a supporter of that opinion. When I played DF I used the… 480 more words

Dwarf Fortress

When it rains, it rains Human Blood - LashedPants

The reason I keep coming back to this title is pretty simple, it was the first major event that befell the poor fortress of LashedPants. Urist McRiddill and his merry band of 6 dwarfs had made the long journey from their homeland to the island of goblins. 1,074 more words

Dwarf Fortress

When it rains, it rains human blood

So before I tell the story of “Pantedlash”, first a lesson on embarking:

In the last lesson (available in .pdf on an earlier post) I walked through how to generate a world. 813 more words

Dwarf Fortress

How To Dwarf Fortress

Hi Friends,

I spent too much time simply embarking and disembarking into already generated fortresses. Dwarfs make the coolest fortresses, gave me some ideas for my own forts, but sadly didn’t give me any adventure stories to share. 57 more words

Dwarf Fortress

How to download and install DF

Again last night didn’t have much of a chance to play, hoping to get some time in tonight. Another situation where I genned a world, looked for an embark location, embarked then was gloriously underwhelmed with my choice. 42 more words

Dwarf Fortress

Okay, so today was great.

Homework level: 0

Game of Thrones level: ☼MASTERWORK☼

Also Dwarf Fortress and stuff.

I’m also leading worship on Sunday Night. I’ve been part of the team (band?) for the past while, and Old Mate came around and gave me the massive tome of songs to choose from for the night. 478 more words


Dwarf Fortress : Starter Pack

Day 2 after the release and I was still pretty excited. Even more excited when I found out that PeridexisErrant had released his new starter pack. 94 more words

Dwarf Fortress