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Thundercats hoooo

Well not exactly feline but atleast very thundery I present my new AoW Dwarf Thunderers. The reference to an old kids TV sereies just shows how old I really am, a seven year old mind inside a multiple decade old body :D


Kingdom of Lyn-Jalken


The Kingdom of Lyn-Jalken is an absolute hereditary monarchy that was born from the expelled survivors of the Day of Darkness that destroyed Peret, the capital world city of the Amestedeti Empire. 547 more words


Dwarves and other short updates

The last couple of weeks has been a bit of a frenzy of hobby comings and goings as I wind down various projects and fire new ones up at the same time. 1,270 more words

Work In Progress

Just Some Ramblings

In just a few days, I start my first semester as a grad student at Rowan University. Just the anticipation made me think about how different I am now, then when I started college back in 2005. 587 more words


The Friday Fiction featuring Craig Boyack

“Ever since I was old enough to read I’ve loved escapist fiction,” says author Craig Boyack. “There’s just something about travelling to a magical realm or distant planet that appeals to me. 1,970 more words


The Free City of Stronghaven

Stronghaven is a small island located in the northern Turbulent Ocean, south of the Shakathi Princedoms.  It is populated by dwarves and gnomes, who run the island using direct democracy.  93 more words

Campaign Setting

For everyone who won't be able to see The Crucible: You're not alone

Sometimes things you’d like to do just won’t work out.

@saikodelic Sadly, my schedule hasn’t allowed it. I’m sorry not to have been able to support my brother Dwarf #RichardArmitage

— Graham McTavish (@grahammctavish) August 19, 2014

Richard Armitage