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Luther the Dwarf - Van Oaks, CA

Luther the Dwarf is one of the original seven dwarfs seen on the fantasy situation comedy THE CHARMINGS/ABC/1987-88.

A long time ago, Luther (Cork Hubbert) fell victim to a spell that put him to sleep for 1000 years. 314 more words


Pin Pricks and Princes

“Hold still!” Maggie snapped.

I wiggled out of her grasp again as she came at me with another pin. I stared at the full length mirror at the back of the uniform department. 654 more words

Gen. Story

Let's get ready for fantasy

Lisa* texted me, “It’s getting colder and the mice are invading the cabin.”

That’s all it took to motivate me. I told her to dress for the outdoors. 796 more words


Hill Dwarves are on the way!

I’ve never been the best at taking pictures, but here’s my latest paint job. I’m painting up a Hill Dwarf Warband and a Sea Elf Warband for my new rules set.

'We Can Fuck And We Can Suck And We Can Bust A Nut': Dwarves Release New Video

The best rock ‘n’ roll band in the world have released a new music video for their sleazy anthem ‘Sluts Of The USA’.

No one does filth quite as authentically as perpetual troublemaker Blag Dahlia and his gang of titillating terrors the… 90 more words


Too Many Days of Games: Day 113 - Iron & Ale

File Me Under: beard slapping

What It’s All About: Iron & Ale is a party-ish card game where players are dwarven lords. Each turn you delve deep into a mountain (draw cards from the mountain deck) to mine gold & iron and to fight monsters. 226 more words


Airborne At Last

If any of you remember the short stories I was posting on here about Manfred Pennygigg and his faithful manservant, you will remember that we left them in dire straights, trying to come up with a defense against airborne attack from elven dragonriders. 857 more words

Steam Punk