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Courage is found in unlikely places...

Following on from my last post….

It’s here! The first trailer has landed!

And boy, was it worth the wait. I’m actually glad that I knew the release date beforehand, as it allowed me to slowly build the tension and excitement I got from the first glimpse back into Middle Earth. 3,462 more words

The Hobbit

Savage Legends: Tweaks

Point The First

I have been giving some thought to a player suggestion that the racial casting bonuses for Elves and Dwarves change to +2 versus penalties, rather than a straight +2 bonus. 338 more words


Day 48 - The Dungeon Crawl

Zenith materialized from the shadows in the cave entrance. “There’s a group of thieves hiding inside, with plenty of traps between us and them.” Her companions steeled themselves for the task ahead. 343 more words

The Kingdom

Another Fantastic Interview... Brandon Carbaugh, Deep Sounding & Neurotic Cats.

The Best Slices of Brandon Carbaugh & his fantastic Novel – ‘Deep Sounding’

Firstly, the generic a little about yourself? Any weird quirks or outlandish dreams? 1,872 more words

Bricking Around: Lego Announces Set 79018 - The Lonely Mountain

Lego have unveiled their newest set based on ‘The Hobbit’ series of movies as 79018 The Lonely Mountain. Officially announced at San Diego Comic Con, the set contains 866 pieces, as well as 5 minifigs, and a large articulated Smaug figure. 279 more words

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Guest Author TJ Therien

Today our guest is TJ Therien author of yesterday’s book The Scrolls of Scion: The Dark Queen Rising. Here is a link to my post. … 1,658 more words