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Make Your Own Hair Masks

Can you believe that a woman spends on average 120 days of her live on her hair!!!

120 days, that is insane… isn’t!
And you want to hear the even scarier bit! 568 more words


Guitar Girl

Photos: Ryan Zirngibl

We had a great shoot at some abandoned locations using an auxiliary light.  I got to model my 1984 F Series Fender Stratocaster Made in Japan :D

Beauty buzz: My holy grail hair product

When I recently coloured my hair, I wasn’t anticipating just how light it would go. My stylist bleached most of my hair and gave me a little trim. 443 more words


How To Maintain Bleached or Color Treated Hair (Yes It Is Possible)

Hair and bleach. The two “enemies” that could only do harm and never any good. I am here to tell you that this is simply not true. 631 more words


Day 78 #100daysofbeauty

So… this is amazing. And it also shows you don’t have to go ghoulish for halloween… break the mould… go pink… go orange…. heck! go yellow if you fancy! 31 more words


Colour Protect shampoos - best and worst

Having been colouring my hair for a good five years or so now, I’ve been through my fair share of colour protect shampoos. These are some of the best and worst I’ve tried out. 364 more words


My Hair Journey: A Unnaturally Hair Colored Natural

When people ask me why I decided to go natural, I always tell them it was a mixture of being cheap and being smart. I had wanted to buy hairdye and I also hadn’t had a perm in a month before I decided to stop. 547 more words