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I'm getting better and better!

Thought I’d share a benefit I’ve had recently. I’ve had many but to tell you of one right now…I’d say it’s feeling 10 years younger than I did a month ago. 323 more words


America - Where we scare you into pills and surgery!

You, as a human, are a very weak animal who was born “insufficient” with a body that needs chemical medications, vaccines and meat and dairy for nutrition — this is what most of us are led to believe from birth to death. 402 more words



Dyes and pigments are colourants. These substances impart a colour to a material. Pigments are nearly insoluble materials, resulting in a suspension, whereas the Dyes dissolve during application, losing their particulate structure, resulting in a solution. 582 more words

Interior Design

Hair dye quick timeline!

L’Oreal Magicontrast Magenta



L’Oreal Magicontrast Magenta + Manic Panic Raven



Manic Panic Raven




Manic Panic Rockabilly Blue + Crazy Colors Sky BLue




Special Effects Atomic Pink… 17 more words


Wall Street x Chantecaille Part 2: Dress Down Friday

Elegance does not consist in putting on a new dress. Coco Chanel

Touché CoCo!

All Photos taken by Dana Sydney. Im wearing a mens thrifted button down with reworked (splatter paint, and ripped levi’s), guess shoes. 8 more words


getting warmer

On a day

when the mercury

climbed up and up

we worked on warm colors.


(goldenrod and turmeric)


(cochineal and annatto)


(madder and pokeberry) 126 more words


Book Review: Color (Victoria Finlay 2002)

Rating: 3.5/5

Color by Victoria Finlay is about the history of various pigments and dyes. We learn about where and when colors arose and their influence on culture.  649 more words

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