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Warding off the cancer

We had every intention of fighting the cancer for you. All we needed to do was get you home.
Then we could have done more than what the doctors did for you; or so we thought. 218 more words

Her Dying Breath (A Slaughter Creek Novel)

Journalist Brenda Banks is on the verge of the biggest story of her career—if she can stay alive long enough to finish it. A serial killer is targeting men in the small town of Slaughter Creek, leaving behind a twisted trail of clues meant only for Brenda. 9 more words

Diary Entry 1

Dear Diary,

A lot has been going on in my life.

I remember praying once, for a more happening life.

But my God, this is not what I meant. 389 more words

Depression is a prison, where you’re both the suffering prisoner, and the cruel jailer.

This quote by Dorothy Rowe, is the epic truth behind depression. A person battling depression is always on both sides- the oppressor, and the defender.

161 more words

There's nothing sudden about it; this is not where I want to be

It started when the waiter saw me look down as though a meteor
lay burning through the table cloth.
His eyebrows ran together
in a line and, as if playing a game, 352 more words



Mom died at about 12:06 am on April 21, 2014. I know the minute because my brother was sending me hateful text messages at the exact moment. 334 more words

Mr. Belle and His Unfinished Work -

In a companion post I wrote about the ‘The Very Important Work of Dying’. Here is what it might look like if one misses this important process. 1,102 more words

End Of Life