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The Return of Quilly

Math has never been something that I was good at, but the Monday I got back from home, Karen taught me how to use the worksheets they use for figuring out how much yarn we’ll need for the next project. 388 more words

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A Convoluted Journey to Now - Continued...

Girl sat still. Without SuperGirl to run the show, nothing was happening. Girl didn’t know what to do. She sat still and breathed new breath. This new breath began to show her a new world, a new perspective – soon nothing made sense. 480 more words

I suppose the worst part of being buried under the ground is not being able to breathe. Only I don’t  suppose you’ve ever had that feeling–not being able to catch your breath.

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Let Me Tell You What It's Like Working for Death

(Author’s Note: I tried my hand at some humor fiction writing.)

Thanks for reaching out to me! I’ve been working with Death for quite a while now (seems like an eternity), and I’ve got a few pointers for you. 383 more words


Your Life Story (As Told To God)

God’s telling a story with your life. But at the same time He’s given you free will to write that story pretty much any way you want to. 376 more words


Our Final Adventure

When I began taking questions for this current series, I was worried. Not because I thought it would be too hard, but because for the first two weeks there wasn’t a question in the box. 1,395 more words

A Stark Reminder

Sometimes I forget that my mom has stage 3B limited small cell lung cancer. Maybe I don’t truly forget, but because she has been in remission for much longer than originally diagnosed, I simply don’t let it consume my thoughts as much as I used to. 769 more words

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