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The Thay-tase (pronounced they-say) lives in Bruma. They are created when a person dies of violent death. It returns from the grave as an ugly giant. 37 more words

An unexpected guest has appeared!

There are a few things monotheists will never quite *get*. The concept of deities that are not ‘all powerful’, an acceptance of other faiths as completely valid (it is psychologically impossible to truly believe in ‘one God’ of any flavor without immediately classifying all others as ‘fake’.). 893 more words


Dont give up on your dreams.

Hello. With this post i want to take you around the house and farm and just show u around. This farm i live on encourages creativity. 421 more words


The “Old Hickory Tree”

Today, We Lost an Old Friend

At least that is the way it feels.

The home we live in is on property that has been in my wife’s family for more than 150 years. 690 more words

Viewpoint From Pelham



I see in thees dimming eyes
million mocking falling tears
tears of unknown tales
poured into a calabash to appease the spirits. … 120 more words

The Village Thinker


Am I a betrayer if I kill myself at the least expected time?


A Dream

So earlier this month, I was taken to the emergency department for what they thought at first was heart related. It turned out to be dehydration, and was causing my kidneys to be very upset. 734 more words