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It’s 12am and I was lying down in bed simply listening to music. It had been too late when I realized I had tears in my eyes. 52 more words

Atheists & Death

While watching The Monuments Men the other day I entered a morbid stream of thought. Matt Damon’s character accidentally stepped onto a land mine. His comrades then tried to rig a system that would (hopefully) let him step off of it without causing an explosion. 700 more words

Everyday Life

The Weekend ~ Full Circle, Chinese Whispers and Goodbyes

Apparently I’m dying. The rumor mill of mother’s (not mine this time) got to work and like a children’s game of telephone (Chinese whispers) my kidney cancer and drastic diet change morphed. 446 more words


Advice to caregivers

Your life is not your own when someone that you love is sick. When you are the caregiver you have to change everything you do. It is kind of like living under siege. 610 more words


I am dying

I am dying
the thought occurs to me every now and then
jolting my psyche like a bucket of cold water on a sleeping drunk… 192 more words


Death is the other side of birth

Our culture is so squeamish about death. Death is just the other side of birth. But we hide that too. We do both with strangers, in hospitals. 241 more words


Dying Declaration – Importance of

The philosophy of law which signifies the importance of a dying declaration is based on the maxim nemo moriturus praesumitur mentire, which means, “no one at the time of death is presumed to lie and he will not meet his maker with a lie in his mouth.” Though a dying declaration is not recorded in the court in the presence of the accused nor is it put to strict proof of cross examination by the accused, still it is admitted in evidence against the general rule that hearsay evidence is not admissible in evidence. 467 more words

Criminal Law