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Poem 341 - Incertita Horci

Incertita Horci

The hour of death is uncertain

This second could be my last, the black ink of my pen
Slide off the page, leaving this poem half-done,

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Reoccurring Nightmare about Dying

Random Dream that’s Been repeating and bothering the “heck” out of me

I’m dying, I don’t want to die but I’m dying. I’m in a way station, kind of like a hospital before St. 288 more words

My 2 years of church

I’m an atheist, I’m also a Humanist. So, in 1998 when my then husband realized that he was dying from lack of affordable healthcare and untreated diabetes, he felt the need to get back to his religious roots and start going back to church. 1,859 more words


I'm so sad without you I don't want to go on anymore... and I'm sick of pretending I do.

How are you surviving without me?

Oh, that’s right, you’re in love with someone else and haven’t loved me for months now.


I’ll never stop loving you. 8 more words

Ramblings & Raves

No. 1 Grandpa

I’ve been looking at this photo a lot today.

My brother-in-law snapped this image of my grandpa and me two years ago, capturing a tender moment between us. 1,095 more words

On the Almost Death of a Pet

I’ve been avoiding something.  I’ve been avoiding the chrysalis that didn’t make it.

There will be no butterfly from this sad chrysalis.  The kids and I raised one monarch caterpillar from an egg very carefully this year, even carting it all the way up north and back, finding fresh milkweed for it every day. 501 more words


How We Die In 2014 Part 1: The Hospital

One thing about American society: All economic classes seem to have the right to die in a sterile, brightly lit hospital room, like an octopus with various tubes inserted in various ports instead of tentacles… 264 more words