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Nanny State Nightmare (Liberty Dying)

The United States is paying the piper for years of meddling in sovereign nation’s affairs, absurd monetary policy, and self-serving corporate cronyism. The bloated government bureaucracy is slow and unresponsive. 11 more words

what remains

what remains
when the streetlights go out
when the crickets stop chirping
when the last car finds its way home

what remains
when the world darkens… 31 more words


Heedless Decay

A miserable ringing
Pierces savagely
An awful throbbing
That catapults the sullen frame

A child of excess
Begrudgingly ascends
With mangy locks
And eyes fastened shut… 66 more words



as you drew your final breath
you may not have known
may not have realized
that you were leaving a trail of scars in your wake. 56 more words


gathering the broken pieces

now all that’s left to do
is pick up the broken and
shattered pieces of our hearts
that you (unintentionally)
scattered and tore
and ultimately left behind.


when you left us

and i catch a glimpse of my tear-streaked cheeks (rivers of water and salt flowing freely) in a broken mirror as i sit silently in remembrance of you and all that you were and all that you could have ever been if you’d only gone a different way at a different time. 63 more words