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Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Shaun of the Dead… Ah, those were the days. I watched this film around 2006 and to be honest this is still be my favorite. That time I also became Nick Frost and Simon Pegg devoted-fan. 602 more words


The Stand Comedy Club


It probably wasn’t a great idea to come out to this when we were supposed to be sorting out the new flat, but hey, Dylan Moran is top of the bill and when did we last get the chance to see him in a gig as intimate as… 534 more words


Bernard Black Exemplifies Customer Service

The great British series Black Books stars Dylan Moran as Bernard Black, bookshop owner and disheveled grouch. Lover of alcohol and cigarettes, and considerably less fond of dealing with the public, Bernard has quite the way of dealing with patrons, as you can see in the compilation below. 20 more words



Ireland/United Kingdom 2013
Director: John Michael McDonagh
Certificate 15 99m

‘That’s certainly a startling opening line.”

Father James (Brendan Gleeson) is not wrong. He has just been told, within the sanctity of his confessional box, of a horrific crime, the nature of which shouldn’t elicit a response of such flippancy, certainly not from a member of the clergy. 867 more words


Studying humour and the reasons and functions of the stand-up comedian

For my dissertation I have been reading ‘A cultural history of Humour – from antiquity to the present day’ by Bremmer and Roodunberg, which is mostly a study of humour in the cultures of the Ancient greeks, the Romans and then the rest of europe  as the timeline nears the present day. 148 more words

Illustration - Subject

Calvary (2014)

i believe in nothing. i stand for nothing. i do nothing. that’s my dad’s opinion of me and i think he’s on to something. Calvary is a movie about someone my dad would love, a priest named Father James who stands for everything but gets fucked regardless. 385 more words


A Philippa at a concert.

I have been told on several occasions that I take popular culture far too seriously, and this is absolutely true. I tend to find it difficult to simply like or dislike something – I either adore or despise it, particularly when it comes to music and anything comedy-related. 1,108 more words

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