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A Philippa at a concert.

I have been told on several occasions that I take popular culture far too seriously, and this is absolutely true. I tend to find it difficult to simply like or dislike something – I either adore or despise it, particularly when it comes to music and anything comedy-related. 1,108 more words

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One for the Christmas list

It’s high time I outed myself as the insatiable Dylan Moran fan that I am. I find his sit-com, Black Books, unendingly hilarious, and all too often slip obscure references into everyday conversations, causing at best an uncomfortable exchange of glances, and at worst outright offence. 317 more words


- Bernard Black / Dylan Moran, “Black Books: A Nice Change” #2.6 (2002)


Dylan Moran – life-sized, life-realed Bernard Black

“What’s the name of that Irish comedian of yours, you know, the one who “and you’re fat, i love you, here, eat this”? Was it him who said something about chewing beds from boredom?”. 493 more words

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