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Stretches to do everyday

I suffered from a back injury about two years ago from trying to lift up too much weight at the gym. I was told by my physician that I shouldn’t workout for at least the whole upcoming year. 65 more words


One Day in the Life of Animation

For this video, our group took a futuristic approach to the topic “One Day in the Life of Animation.” ¬†As technology continue to develops, this could be a standard college campus a matter of years, and our vision of interactive animation in daily life in multiple use in the near future.


Made to Order

What really amazes me is
that all these massively complex integrated
dynamic systems
correspond with real life
real world emotions.


Dynamic, table-driven SSIS data flow tasks

I am trying to consolidate an inherited set of SSIS packages into a single table-driven package but I am having problems getting around the need to map input and outputs at design time. 436 more words

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dynamically creating 2 dimensional array in c

malloc function in stdlib.h library helps to create 1 dimensional array on the go as the size we specified. It return a pointer to the dynamically allocated array which we assign to a pointer variable for later use. 104 more words

2-dimensional Array

Dare/Prompt: Inked Up

One of the fun things I always forget about that I can add for characters adds to a more alternative look. Tattoos, piercings, dyed hair. 231 more words