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The Slowdown in Reallocation in the U.S.

One of the components of productivity growth is reallocation. From one perspective, we can think about the reallocation of homogenous factors (labor, capital) from low-productivity firms to high-productivity firms, which includes low-productivity firms going out of business, and new firms getting started. 1,272 more words

Say 'Aye' to the Sun...

In yoga we learn to honour the elements within our bodies that nurture and sustain us, but also to honour those of the Universe, the macrocosm which supports our very existence. 129 more words

[9 October 2014] God's Message - Love force

God‘s message to All:

I love you all! An intense immense constant immediate force towards all.

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God's Messages

things end

things end.  that’s it.  I don’t know if this thing is ended and it’s made me very meno emo. a lot of distress.  At least I ended up with a great Cosabella bralette and panty set. 32 more words

Day 48

The diversity of life means we always have to choose to express what we feel of and about the moments. This act and art of choosing is our response to our understanding of life. 126 more words