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Python for Dynamo in Revit

BIMethods | Spring 2014 | Class 12_P1-06.

Summary: This class completed the Dynamo script to randomize a curtain panel’s material across a surface. The Dynamo scripting technique was explained in detail and the introduction of… 54 more words


Das ist ein kleiner Test von Unterweis

Hier könnte ihr Bericht stehen.
Hier könnte ihr Bericht stehen.


Das ist eine Wordpress-Seite

Hallo, das ist eine WordPress Seite und das ist der Text dazu.


Little Bebetos and the Magic of Youth Soccer

Perhaps the greatest thing about youth soccer in America (and the MLS) is the team names. My personal favorite was my brother’s U-8 team, The Little Bebetos. 326 more words

American Soccer

A Novel Approach to Desalination

 What we call salty water is nothing more than a bunch of “particles” of salt dissolved in water, in each crystal of salt we will find an organized array of “particles” of salt and what is interesting about these “particles” is that they are electrically charged particles, or Ions, some are positively charged “particles” and some are negatively charged “particles”, when dealing with crystals of salt the positively charged “particles” are sodium Ions and the negatively charged “particles” are chlorine Ions, these two Ions of opposite charge are held together by electrical attraction, as we know since our science class in high school, opposite charges attract and like charges repel , in that way each crystal of salt is formed by positively charged sodium Ions and negatively charged chlorine Ions that are “glued” together by electrical attraction. 1,145 more words


Kingdom of Paintnar - The Power of Dynamo!

Have you recently purchased Cygnar’s newest character warjack but found yourself saying “Man, I would really love to learn how to paint him in a thoroughly mediocre fashion”? 256 more words