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Meditation Revelation

Ok, so I have been meditating for over two weeks now. I can’t say I have been religious about it, but I have meditated most days and………………..I really think that it is having an effect. 314 more words


Not everyone is a morning person

I have finally accepted it.

And society needs to stop forcing it upon people. I mean, really, when “9-5″ becomes a noun (instead of just referring to it as a job) rather than a time, something’s wrong. 199 more words

Spiderman cake(s)

Well my younger two children have birthdays only a month apart and what the just turned 7 year old wants to play with the just turned 2 year old adores. 323 more words


The Long Version of an Even Longer Story

To the untrained eye, I am a perfectly healthy 35 year old woman.  I am a wife, a mother of 3 boys, and the founder of a nonprofit organization.   1,561 more words


Weird Dream

Getting the results of the skin punch biopsy I had done looking for small fiber neuropathy is on my mind big time. If it is negative, that’s great news for obvious reasons. 488 more words


Hi! November 2014

Not much is new with me. I caught a cold and have been useless the past 6 days, but I am turning the corner. When it is hard to function every day due to my chronic illnesses, adding any routine illness like a cold makes it near impossible to do much beyond meet my most basic needs. 568 more words


I did not post much this week, as I have not been feeling well.

Even though I haven’t had seasonal allergies in years now, I somehow got them pretty bad this year… It’s really hard being sick on top of having POTS (hence my previous post on being mad at people who leave home when they are contagious). 40 more words