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Sleeping Qi Kung

Yesterday I had decided that I was far too sad to continue training with Sifu’s other students. I was feeling discouraged and a bit unwelcome. This evening a woman from the class reached out to me via email. 345 more words


medication update...

As you know from a previous post, I started cromolyn about six weeks ago. I know a few readers had recently started or were about to start cromolyn as well, and I wanted to provide an update and hear about your experiences. 576 more words

Chronic Illness

The 2 Sides of This World

If you asked me what I thought my highschool years would be like when I was 10, pre-illness, It wouldn’t be quite like it is now. 407 more words

My Journey with Dysautonomia: My Story on POTs UK Website

Prior to my official diagnosis, it was suspected for a long time that POTs or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome was behind my various symptoms and racing heart rate on standing. 2,059 more words

Chronic Illness

How it all began

My childhood began like most everyone else. I liked to play outside, run, ride my bike, play with my friends, etc. All the typical things a child likes to do when they are young. 758 more words

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: So Many Symptoms, So Little Time

In truth, I would be an absolute lunatic to try and lay out every symptom of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS). The simplest way I explain my condition to inquiring people is to say “The glue in my body doesn’t work. 2,867 more words

Chronic Fatigue

Tai Chi and adaptive Kung Fu catch-up

During the time that I was away from the blog creating the FAQ I still kept up with my physio’ sessions of course. I have to as the pain still needs managing no matter what else is happening. 893 more words