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To adventures in all forms

Peregrination Notebook started out as an experiment: to learn about blogging, and maybe practice professional writing. I never had a really solid idea what I wanted to do. 598 more words


When you move your wedding date due to your health...

As of late, I’ve been in a funk which isn’t like me. It may be because in a 2 weeks I get to fly to Mexico and be a Maid of Honor for my sister — exciting and fun, but scary. 2,273 more words



I was diagnosed with Dysautonomia, and severe ulcerative colitis about 7 years ago, after 10 years of being tossed around the professional medical merry go round, from one hospital to another, before even getting a diagnoses other then the diagnoses for colitis, which is pretty easily recognized…This illness leaves the visual observations of the doctor, seeing little to no symptoms at all until they start to do metabolic testing, then the physicians sit up and take note rather quickly…Day to day management of this is insane. 306 more words

Disorganized Crime...Human Behavior

Updates and More :)

Hey! This past week hasn’t been the best POTs wise but I had a GREAT weekend other than that! On Thursday I left school early because it was way too hot to sit through it. 139 more words

My Chronic Illness vs. My To-do list

Ever had a persistent cold that just won’t go away? The headaches and exhausted feeling when you go to bed at night. Yet you can’t breathe well enough to get any sleep at all. 266 more words

Botox for Migraines (update 2)

So its been almost 2 weeks since my shots, and I think I have noticed a tiny difference. Normally when I have throbbing pain with my migraines it feels like being stabbed on the side of the head. 869 more words

When people say I look pretty...

I haven’t posted in forever! That’s because I’ve had things to do each week and weekend. Typically, my social life is one family event a month, one or two medical visits, and the rest of my energy goes to existing, hanging out at home with Jake, and playing with Emma when she comes. 1,008 more words