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The invisible disease

The symptoms of dysautonomia are often invisible.

I suffer extreme fatigue and can usually only do one thing a day. I have postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, which means I almost pass out if I move too quickly because my heart can’t circulate blood adequately. 150 more words


My Cause - finding a cure for dysautonomia

I have a terminal disease – dysautonomia, which is an autonomic nervous system dysfunction complicated by autoimmune system dysfunction. My heart has worked double-time and without rest my whole life and has prematurely aged, giving me a probable life span of just 50 years at best. 14 more words

Botox for Migraines (update 3)

Today is kind of special, since its the first day this year that I’ve really been able to open all the windows. The fresh air and breeze is nice, but we do live by a busy road and every few minutes a noisy truck or motorcycle comes roaring by the house and kills the good mood. 1,151 more words

Thoughtfulness: My Movie Buddy

As I thought about writing this post, I had several options to choose from where people show immense thoughtfulness based on today alone. I always think about how I will write posts about them and maybe someone who has an ill loved one will gain a new idea. 791 more words


baby fever...

This is the second third time I have written this post. WordPress decided it wanted to be a jerk and deleted previous drafts, so I apologize in advance for the frustrated violent tone. 867 more words

Chronic Illness

Step One: Acceptance.

My name is Alli and I have chronic pain. Sounds like some kind of hoax-y support group, right? At some point that’s just how I started introducing myself. 203 more words


Cheer Up!! Family Firsts

When I am feeling down or am having a day where I can’t really get out of bed, I love to look at pictures of my, Jake, and Emma’s beginning and work my way to the present. 120 more words