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I feel happy.

I feel anxious, I feel stressed, I feel hopeful, I feel nostalgic, I feel miserable, but I also feel happy.

And that’s really quite remarkable. 617 more words

Let's do this, shall we?

Well. Here I am.
I decided to give blogging a shot, in the hopes that maybe (just maybe) something I write as I progress through my days will connect with someone out there, and that maybe (just maybe) I would be able to help said person in some way. 507 more words


I need sleeeeep!!

Oh my, I am struggling to stay awake

Every inch of my body just wants to lie down and fall asleep. 

I did go out this morning, then went to the supermarket, and taxied home. 226 more words


Recovering from Steroid Fatigue!

I don’t want to say anything further before I am sure, however I think I have figured out my mystery disease! I will know more after Tuesday. 313 more words


Sound Bites from the Week

“You aren’t old enough to be here!”
Me: “I agree. Unfortunately my body didn’t get the memo.”

“Hey! It’s you! I haven’t seen you in awhile!”

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Swimming as Exercise

It’s been awhile since I blogged about working out simply because during the summer months, which are long for us, I swim as a workout. It would be rather boring posts to write about my swimming routine that never changes each day in the summer.  394 more words

Working Out

Well here it goes....

So I finally decided to join the blogging world…. I may have made attempts before but that really didn’t work out all too well…. mostly because I forget…. 932 more words