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Family Tradition

Family Tradition

ignored perpetrators
dancing with victims
of crimes hidden
by family tradition
rules of silence
yet powerfully enforced
while pretending
the bleeding hearts

© Claudia H. Blanton 2014


Keeping my Side of the Street Clean

I am at my mother’s.  As I have stated before I find this relationship to be difficult, she apparently does not.   She has no cognitive awareness of how mean and nasty she is.   341 more words


A Potential Cause For WORKPLACE Violence...

From David Codrea…

From a range operator in a southern state:

After 50 years of existence, we are suddenly having an OSHA inspection of our ranges.

288 more words

Family: We're More than Just Blood

Okay, so I am still in vacation mode as I sip my venti iced coffee with extra cream and 9 Splenda from Starbucks this morning.  I am enjoying the toned color of my skin and I still have that hazy glow of pure bliss. 686 more words


The Enabler

At the dentist, they regard me in a way I am not accustomed. Because of my pre-disposed fear and anxiety, coupled with the aversion to pain, the methods necessary for me to endure the necessary procedures put me in an uncomfortable position. 574 more words



In the grand scheme of things, we will all die. In the lesser-than-grand scheme of things, most of us do not live.

I honestly believe it was a creative inspiration reverse-engineered from my cynical and psychologically invalidating upbringing that brought me to a place of feeling whole and complete intrinsically. 682 more words