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Evolving from the Industrial Age to the Regenerative Age | Reality Sandwich

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The Symptoms & Root Causes of Dysfunction in our Society

“Pollution, war, poverty, disease, climate change and destruction of our biosphere are major challenges that threaten the thriving of humankind. 27 more words

Personal Space

Respecting personal space is becoming nonexistent.

Recently while purchasing underwear intimate apparel, during the check out process some old hag a dear little soul wandered up to the counter and parked her creaky little self at my elbow. 232 more words


The difficulties of honest communication between adult children and parents

I’ve applied for a job. It’d be a pay raise. It’d also be a promotion. And relocating to a city who’s cost of living is nearly three times my current city’s. 410 more words


Wasted on the Way

I have to say this has been the saddest three weeks of my life.

I have been very lucky.  Three of my grandparents died when I was relatively young.   1,052 more words


PTSD - Reflection: The Foundation of it all.

Part of coming to terms with PTSD and Anxiety, part of understanding your own narrative and why you are the way you are, involves looking back at the past. 1,004 more words


Day 11556 on earth

I’ve just googled how old I am in months (379.7!) and days hence the title of this post. The thought occurred to me to do the while lying in the bath at 4pm in the afternoon trying another remedy to restart my brain which didn’t involve either drinking heavily or resorting to other unhealthy methods of relieving the internal battle……. 270 more words


Mindfully & Aimlessly Wandering

There are tragedies affiliated with being a sensitive person. My reaction to the traumas of my past were to grow more and more in-tune with the environment I was exposed to. 597 more words