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My mother resented me, and didn't want to love me, so did the opposite of love.

My mother got pregnant with me, while having an affair with a married man. He didn’t leave his wife when she got pregnant.

She raised me as a single mother, for 6 years, and always made a point of reminding me often, how hard that was for her, in a way that blamed me. 90 more words

Unmet childhood needs, haunt me. I still want the family, I never had.

Unmet childhood needs, still haunt me.

I still want a mother, a father, sisters, maybe a brother, a Grandma, Grandpa.

I still want the safety and security of a normal family. 123 more words

Interesting how much damage scapegoating abuse, can cause.

I was my family’s scapegoat. I was the one blamed and shamed, for anything, everything.

My mother and step father, did a really good job, of making sure anyone else, would not believe anything I said. 538 more words

Why do some child sex abuse survivors - end up "slut's" ?

I have been called this in the past – many times. And many other terms like this.

When you have been sexualised as a child, this changes you. 888 more words