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Scapegoat abuse, is deeply damaging psychological abuse. My sisters continued it.

My sisters were trained by their abuser father and our abuser mother, to treat me as the scapegoat.

I was blamed for everything.

I was blamed at 12, for the sexual abuse by a paedophile friend of my step father, blamed for this paedophile abusing my sister. 190 more words

I know I have to stop writing on abusive people's Birthdays.

When it’s one of my sisters, or my mother’s Birthday, I blog about it. It’s one of their Birthdays today.

I can’t keep doing this to myself. 163 more words

"Stupid Girl" no more.

This song means a lot to me. Garbage, was my favourite music in my 20’s. This was what I believed about myself, after 2 decades of abuse. 133 more words

Less obvious abuse/neglect/parenting issues, is causing widespread mental health issues..

I am a survivor of severe abuse, prolonged, interpersonal, severely traumatic abuse – and I ‘know’ my issues, I know I have PTSD, I know why, I have deep insight and I have educated myself and through counselling into trauma and it’s consequences. 463 more words

Realised why I still care about my sisters, even though they hate me.

When I was a child and a teenager, my mother was very neglectful, particularly emotionally.

I was made my sisters mother, I cared for them, loved them, they came to me when upset, I took the blame for things they did and they know that. 621 more words