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I’ve just started following this blog http://www.aare.edu.au/blog/?p=516 so I thought I’d share. This particular post picks up on dyslexia, language learning and recent advances in neurolinguistics but there’s other good stuff here, too. 29 more words


Welcome OG Teachers and Tutors

I have been thinking about writing a blog for teachers and tutors who use the Orton Gillingham approach to teach reading, writing, and spelling for a long time. 108 more words

Academy Of Orton Gillingham Practitioners And Educators

Fat Chance Bacon Boy! (#0067)

   I finally got to see Sue the dietitian on Wednesday.  I say finally, because the first dietitian was a friend on Ron’s and I had not realized she lacked certain credentials (and therefore was not covered by insurance).  607 more words


Fingers Crossed

Went to a job fair today.  As I got ready for it, I felt the usual pangs of fear creeping up, telling me to avoid it at all costs.   303 more words

Featured Advocate: Kim from Away With The Butterflies 8/13

Kim: I  am am an advocate because I’m a single mother with 3 beautiful children whom have Autism and multiple other mental health issues. Some days its a struggle to keep my head high and keep smiling but I dig deep and pull out all the strength I have and keep moving forward. 97 more words

Unconventional Methods

As an educator, I must be purposeful in providing “differentiated instruction,” which means that students in my classes are different types of learners (some are visual, some auditory, some tactile) with varying levels of ability (some advanced, some at grade-level, some “emerging”) who come from a variety of backgrounds and cultures (racial, socioeconomic) and belief systems (political, social); thus my classroom instruction needs to be designed so as to meet these different needs using different methods. 724 more words

Community Service