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The book (write on)

 hard cover well-worn

pages filled with magic

a book worth reading


When I was a child I loved books, even though my dyslexia made reading them impossible, they mesmerized me.  135 more words


Video Clips from Early Summer

In case you missed this series of “sneak peek” videos from our first half of summer,

we thought we’d share them here on the blog. We’re always a week or so behind with our photos on Facebook, 37 more words



No – really…

Even in this heat!

When I say snowflakes I mean writing snowflakes. You see, because of the dyslexia I have real problems with planning of novels. 262 more words


Livescribe 3 smart pen

I’ve herd about Livescribre pens before but never really been that inspired by the concept.

That was until I saw this video. The Livescribe 3 looks like an amazingly useful piece of assistive tech.

26 more words


Dyslexia, Specific Learning Disabilities and the IEP

Does your child have dyslexia? Have school district personnel ever told you that they cannot recognize dyslexia as a disability on the IEP? If so, they are incorrect. 142 more words


Supporting SEN children

<p style=”text-align:left;” align=”center”><b><span style=”text-decoration:underline;”> </span></b></p><ol start=”1″><li><b>Identify individual strengths </b></li><li><b>Identify needs of each student</b></li><li><b>Provide strategies:</b></li></ol><ul><li> to ask for help if required is an important skill</li><li> enable monitoring of the own comprehension.</li></ul><ol start=”3″><li><b>Study skills: </b></li></ol><ul><li>brainstorming ideas and thoughts</li><li>mind-mapping ideas and thoughts into how to develop this </li><li>develop underlying skills students may have not utilised before</li><li>planning/organising language.</li></ul><ol start=”4″><li><b>Learning objectives</b> for different levels; must, should, could approach.</li><li><b>Provide</b>:</li></ol><ul><li>   writing frames or templates for planning, writing up investigations, recording results</li><li>   support from peers or support assistants.</li></ul><ol start=”6″><li><b>Display</b> to support and develop numeracy skills, number line graphs, weights and measure charts.</li></ol><ol start=”7″><li><b>Experiment </b>setup modelled by teacher or displayed on the board for learners to follow.</li><li><b>Pair</b> lower ability/level learner with a higher ability/level learner.</li><li><b>DART activities such as</b> cloze, marking, labelling, sequencing, true/false, puzzles.</li><li><b>Motivate reluctant writers; </b></li></ol><ul><li> Copy from the board, sheet</li><li> Use a given script</li></ul><ol start=”11″><li><b>Plan work:</b></li></ol><ul><li>Spelling</li><li>provide word banks of key words</li><li>tick list to follow ticking off when each part is completed </li></ul><ol start=”12″><li><b>Composition:</b></li></ol><ul><li>   discussion/debate with peers</li><li>   planning sheets</li><li>   prompts</li><li>   stimuli</li><li>   TA’s focus group</li><li>   write alternate sentences</li></ul><ol start=”13″><li><b>Incentives:</b></li></ol><ul><li>˜   use of ICT to process work</li><li>˜   display/publish good work</li></ul><ol start=”14″><li><b>Students with Behaviour Emotional Social Difficulties/Social Emotional Behavioural Difficulties benefit from:</b></li></ol><ul><li>–  Positive reinforcement changes behaviour</li><li>–  Unconditional love</li><li>–  Firm boundaries and consequences</li><li>–  Lots of praise rewards</li><li>–  Use parenting skills most children experience between 0-3 years to ensure clear understanding of boundaries. 6 more words


Being Smart and Being Successful

I’ve never been told I was smart.

I’ve never thought it to be true either.

I didn’t graduate from high school in the top ten percentile. 735 more words