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Ask any musician to describe music and you will, likely, hear them bumble about for a few minutes for a loss of words, eventually leading up to them saying “I can’t really describe it.” For each person, they have something that qualifies under this category. 765 more words


being comfortable in your own skin

Blemishes and spots may be little nothings to some people, but I’ve come to realize that that’s not the same for everyone. I never had really serious acne as a teen, but I do now, in my early twenties. 59 more words

Wishing Bones

Did I scare you away yesterday? I’m sorry. It’s hard to know what to say to someone so angry-sad. I think it’s good practice though — writing what you’re scared to write. 656 more words

Work In Progress

Reality check and forgiveness

So, if you’ve been reading my blog at all, I’ve been a bit down lately.

I don’t have much time to comment deeply about it, but I did want to briefly update you on how I’ve realized these things are part of the recovery process, part of the eating disordered brain, part of my life, and that they change and shift like all things do. 773 more words

Facebook Dysmorphia

This should really be called Facebook Like And Compare Identity Dysmorphia – or F.L.A.C.I.D. Yes, I think that works. It certainly sums up the miserable impotence of this phenomenon! 1,217 more words


I am doll parts.

My first post went pretty well! I didn’t freak anyone out- well, maybe I did, but nobody told me to my face. Hooray! M (my husband that I literally tell everything to) said he thought he understood me better after reading it, meaning that it was both a massive overshare and also a good thing. 713 more words

My Brain

Getting Mentally Prepared

I keep telling myself that I want to transform my body.  I know what to do physically and in terms of my “diet”.  Mentally, I am falling short.   201 more words