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Roaming About.. Scotland.. Part Three

To wrap up the tour and our time in Scotland really we headed out on our last day in the highlands. This whole day was pretty special as it involved hand feeding wild deer, the bridge that the Hogwarts Express goes over in most of the movies and to top it off Scottish dancing. 1,757 more words

Always the "Fat Kid," never the "Skinny Bitch"

I grew up overweight. I loved chocolate ice cream way too much and liked sports and physical activity way too little. Video games were my exercise of choice. 759 more words

Belly Dance

All Around, Ireland.. Part Three..

Balloons aligned the bus aisle and a card was passed around and signed quickly whilst violent “shooshing” ironically made it obvious. We were up early and darting in between the bus seats for this day was one of the girls 20th birthdays! 1,868 more words

All Around, Ireland.. Part Two..

Apologies to people waiting for the next installment! I broke the charging cord and the next one deleted and then I was at Harry Potter Studios and just fell behind but I’ll pop two up today because I managed to recover the saved files. 2,754 more words

What a Great Day

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving. This isn’t going to be the typical “I’m thankful for…” blog post.

Today was the first Thanksgiving that I can recall where I wasn’t bound up in anxiety over the amount of food that was around me or worrying about what everyone would think as I ate. 675 more words


I think the thing I like about this photo is that I look like a friendly happy person, which I am!

(Some of you who follow me on Facebook or G+ may not realize that because I use social media as a place to shine light on things i think are unjust and to process personal challenges. 656 more words

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Cinque Terre, Italy..

As much as I never thought I would ever say the following, I really hold out and look forward to cities that have hikes available. The reason I say this is because frankly I never looked at a hike and thought it would be my kind of thing. 2,267 more words