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Thank you!

Cafe Press tells me I have followers now!! Thank you for reading my blog!!

Multiple Sclerosis

Tecfidera and side effects

I’m curious if anyone else has had hot flashes / flushing so bad it feels like your head is burning up? Twice now when I’ve taken my night time dose of tecfidera, I’ve gone to bed then woken up feeling flushed and like my head was burning up. 219 more words

Objective Evaluations of Swallowing (for people who didn't know that was a thing)

Today I let people jam a foot of tubing through my nasal passages and down my throat, then yank it out.  In and out, in and out.  795 more words

9 Potential Swallowing Problems of Multiple Sclerosis

Nothing like choking on your supper and thinking you are gonna die right there at the table, because you can’t get the food cleared, can’t stop coughing, can’t speak and can’t get any air. 40 more words

My Letter to Healthcare

Dear Healthcare System,

 I have to admit.  You never dazzled me at the beginning.  Throughout my college career, I was bound and determined to work in a school system with children.   617 more words



How Did I Ever Find MannaQure?

This always happens to me during the ASHA convention.  I get to a point that I am, well, maybe a bit silly and start Tweeting about crazy things.   241 more words

Every Great Journey Starts with a Single Step . . .

The dissertation process seems at the moment to be both daunting and exciting. My first step here is to share a little bit of information about my overall idea and research problem. 887 more words