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“It takes forty-three muscles to frown and only seventeen to smile”… Yeah okay, but it takes more than fifty muscles to swallow and no one ever choked from frowning. 441 more words

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Fully covered non-foreshortening esophageal stent

Kulwinder S. Dua, MD, FASGE, FACP, FRCP from the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA reports on his Original Article “Efficacy and safety of a new fully covered self-expandable non-foreshortening metal esophageal stent.” 492 more words


Measuring Lingual Range of Motion

For so long, we have focused on lingual strength and range-of-motion.

The Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (IOPI),  the SwallowStrong and the Tongue Press… 421 more words

Research Tuesday Post-Effects of Barium Concentration

I finally got back into the swing of things with Research Tuesday.

My article for the month is:  Stokely S., Molfenter SM, Steele CM.  Effects of Barium Concentration on Oropharyngeal Swallow Timing Measures.   253 more words

CTAR (Chin Tuck Against Resistance)

Yoon W.L., Khoo JKP, Liow SJR. Chin Tuck Against Resistance (CTAR):  New Method for Enhancing Suprahyoid Muscle Activity Using a Shaker-Type Exercise. Dysphagia (2014) 29: 243-248. 457 more words

Couch to 5K: it works!

In last week’s post I outlined the Couch to 5K training plan but maybe you’re wondering just how well it actually works. Of course, doing some exercise rather than none will make you fitter, but just how much can you achieve through doing it only 3 times per week for roughly 30 minutes at a time? 648 more words


Welcome to SLP Overseas

Welcome to SLP Overseas, a site dedicated to linking the world of speech, language, and swallowing therapy.

As a current international Master’s student in the field, I aim to bring awareness to prospective and current students as well as professionals on the opportunities available in the field on a global scale. 374 more words

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