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this week's inspiration: truly jess.

This morning I started out with a punishing workout. Just the way I like it. I only had 30 minutes, and because of some of the modifications, I didn’t have enough time to finish it. 252 more words

Writing What I Love – Why I Have a Niche

Writing What I Love – Why I Have a Niche

When I first started writing online, I wrote about anything. I painfully remember that day, 5 endless hours of writing about the benefits of golf clubs. 342 more words


Dystonia: 2 Years on

Yesterday marked two years since I became ill with Dystonia and had my whole life turned upside down. I went from first year student midwife having the time of my life to struggling to do simple tasks like putting jeans on or getting around the house. 243 more words


Botox causing problems

Hi had my botox into my eylids and under my eyes 1 month on dry eyes driving me daft also cataracts forming. Optician did test neurologist said that i is a side effect of botox that causes sagging under eyelids, cataracts and dry eye still not clearing up vision ok but its irratating


dystonia: the elephant in the room that no one will acknowledge

For those of you who don’t know me, or have read my blogs – I do not and will never capitalize dystonia because it’s not a proper noun and there is nothing proper about it.   853 more words


there's no cure.

Coming atcha straight from Sweaty Mess HQ. I’m, like, head chief commander and president over here.

Last night I only got through 30 minutes of treadmill incline walking and about 15 minutes of strength before I had to finish up some work things. 413 more words

Dystonia. It Sucks.

Today has been a bloody long day, and it was the sad climax of what have really been five, long, bloody months.

The short story: I have dystonia. 735 more words