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Party of 13, home from Center Parcs

Back home from Center Parcs. It’s been a week of fun and relaxation with the family and it’s always sad when it’s over. We’ve been going for over 4 years now and we always go in January, as it makes a bleak month more bearable and something to look forward to after christmas. 444 more words


The Way it is

I haven’t written in a little while. Life has just been a struggle lately. The diet has been helping me lose weight (and hopefully means I’m getting the insulin resistance under control) but it’s a lot of extra thinking, extra work, and takes tons of self control. 583 more words

Reborn - Review

Reading the next book in this series is like a yearly tradition for me. I don’t usually read YA (even though sometimes I feel this book is a little too mature for teens), but you can’t go wrong with sexy, half-naked, genetically altered guys on the run. 561 more words


Eight Days and So Many Cars

Because I just started writing, I have to preface a bunch of stuff for a while. One day I think I will be able to just get on here and write without all the background intel…or not. 1,987 more words


Cognitive Decline

I have several ideas for blog posts running through my mind, but as I sat here suddenly all confused trying to figure out just how I was supposed to make a new document (something I should be able to do without thinking) I decided now is the time to speak about this subject as I know I’m by far not the only one who suffers with this. 803 more words


I have been going into convulsions every 5 hours for 3 days. This is not an emergency although it probably sounds like one. I haven’t been able to really do anything and normally when this happens, I stay sedated heavily. 489 more words