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Keep on Keeping on - living a life with a life-long disability by Graham Findlay

I was formally diagnosed with the movement disorder, Dystonia (early-onset generalised variety) late in the day – in my case about 30 years after my symptoms first appeared as a 7 year old child. 877 more words

A Day In My Life


It’s 12:30 am and I can’t stop thinking about it. I am awake and sitting on your feet. The pressure seems to give you comfort and keep the cramps at bay. 820 more words

Looking Forward

At the start of this week I had an unusual amount of extreme spasms, these had been triggered by a medication and have now settled down. 288 more words


Please, please help me!

Last night I kept waking up going into full body spasms and unable to breathe…. I would beat the bed with my fist to wake my husband so he could do something, at the very least be aware of the situation I was in and hopefully his rubbing my back would trigger a release. 749 more words


Basil - A Journey to Consciousness

Basil blogs

These are really just my random musings

To shine a light

On a path

For those who are walking this way :)

Anyones God… 23 more words

Well Being

Introducing Basil

I/You/Us/Me/They/Self/Basil (interchangeable throughout)

Depression is powerlessness

….or more accurately, a belief in your own powerlessness

My spiritual beliefs explain it for me this way: 278 more words