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I Just Can't Sit Still

After 26 years of one wrong diagnosis after another, we finally have an accurate and 97% assuredness that I have Dystonia and Miege’s Syndrome (a specific type of Dystonia. 806 more words


I had a melt down this morning.   I holed myself up and bawled my eyes out.   It was over stuff I normally take in stride and manage fine.  1,075 more words

I'm the hero of this story

For a while now, I’ve been trying to piece together how to summarize just quite my summer has been like and instead of trying to be professional and come off as this wonderful writer with immaculate grammar and capture my audience with a captivating piece–I’m going to be concise, honest and a little bit cynical. 773 more words


In the dark and in the unknown...

This is a very hard post to write.  Not only because of its contents but also because of the way recent events has left me feeling, which is very down if I am to be honest with you all. 582 more words

"Hey sonny, how about a little ice?"

This deleted scene from James Cameron’s 1997 epic Titanic illustrates the well-known concept of “irony” – the Unsinkable Molly Brown requesting a bit of ice for her nightcap as the ship passes the massive iceberg that proves to be its undoing. 374 more words


Things that shape us

I like to take pictures of paths. Mostly walking paths because there was a time in my life when walking from the beginning of the path above to where you see it disappear from view would have been a struggle for me. 613 more words