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So, with the movie having just came out, and having seen the movie, I decided that I should begin Veronica Roth’s Divergent trilogy. A few days ago I finished the first book, … 2,065 more words


More Than This by Patrick Ness

The book starts with a boy drowning. He drowns. He wakes up in his childhood home in England, except it looks like it had been abandoned for decades. 248 more words

Book Review

A dystopian California: not unimaginable

After writing about my avoidance of dystopian fiction, and subsequently reading dystopia-lovers’ reasons for reading post-apocalyptic novels (e.g., to caution us against our gluttonous ways and to prepare ourselves for Armageddon), I decided to read Octavia Butler’s… 506 more words


Red Rising — Review

It took me a while to decide how I felt about Red RisingIt’s a dystopian novel with a teenage protagonist, but Darrow’s life and the way he emerges into his hero role felt like a very different journey than the one taken by characters in other books in the genre. 105 more words


The Dystopia- Favorite Social Issue Addressed in Fiction

Dystopian fiction has always been one of my favorite concepts in literature. Ever since reading Orwells’s 1984 in high school, followed by Aldous Huxley’s Brave New W… 466 more words

DIVERGENT and conformist

I slipped into my seat, the darkened room concealing my embarrassed attempts to merge into the shadowy forms of Birmingham’s spotty youth. An old dear, clad in colourful leggings and Dr Marten boots, wishing she were eighteen years old and not a product of the jowls of middle-age. 248 more words


ZeeTech Incorporated - A Dystopian Short Story About The Dark Side Of Corporate Power

‘So this is what it’s all about.’ I picked up the thin black tile which had been placed in front of me and flexed it back and forth, watching the numbers on the meter it was connected to change as I did so. 2,432 more words