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Covenant of Antartic Fleet Starts to sail

Part of the studios fleet here is some work in progress of Spartans CoA for Dystopian Wars, based in the 1870’s the world’s great powers are raging war on one another. 17 more words

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Dystopian Wars Mercenaries: Homebrew Rules / Force Guide Download

I’ve shown you the ships – now check out the rules so far.  I drafted this Force Guide in the style of Spartan’s official ones.  I’m calling it version 0.85 – still needs playtesting, and maybe another “large” ship added.   48 more words

Dystopian Wars

This Is SPARTAAAAA(n)!!!

Been wanting to get that pun out of the way for a while but the opportunity never arose.

Anyway, I’ve got a big post today spewing out a lot of info on new stuff so bear with me. 2,045 more words


More firey releases next month

A new player battle box coming next month a new 2 player box for Dystopian Wars.

Also being released is new Chinese fleets for Dystopian Wars… 41 more words

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Danes on the horizon!

Well if new Chinese boxed sets, Heavy Bombers and the announcement of the new Dystopian Legions wasn’t enough, Spartan have another thing coming down the pipe line – a Support Box for the Kingdom of Denmark… 25 more words

Dystopian Wars

Dystopian Wars Mercenary Fleet Picture Gallery

Introducing – at least in more detail – the Canons de Zibeline

This is my mercenary fleet so far, the so-called “Jack-O-Lantern” company.  These first eleven vessels represent the original incarnation of the company, which has since expanded to include additional warships (not yet painted). 436 more words

Dystopian Wars