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Terrain: Dystopian Wars Flying Bases

A staple of Dystopian Wars (DW) v1 and v2 is the Support Aircraft Wings (SAW)/ Support Aircraft Squadrons (SAS), previously known as Tiny Flyers.

In DW v1 Tiny Flyers were simply an array of tokens, arranged in a specific manner. 446 more words


Republique of France Commission Update #7

I have completed the Republique of France Mobile Airfield. This was a neat model to paint with all the details like the flyers on the runway. 9 more words


Review: Dystopian Wars 2.0

Product: Dystopian Wars 2.0 Admiral Edition

Company: Spartan Games

Dystopian Wars, the alternate history, 1870’s war game. The world is at war, the this game allows you to control a mixed Sea, Air and Land force in 1:1200 scale miniatures. 1,517 more words


Republique of France commission update #6

Almost done the commission. Just have the mobile airfield to go!


Republique of France commission update #5

Almost done the Republique of France commission. Completed all the small tank tokens, infantry tokens, and the rest of the medium tanks. Just have Fighter tokens, land ships, and a mobile airfield to go :) Dystopian Wars is such a neat universe. 11 more words


Oh When the Brits come swooping in

Thought I would try out a new contributor this month. So here goes his first attempt.

Kingdom of Britania Arial Fleet Box models.

5 x merlin interceptors, a single piece metal model which need only some minor flash removing from them, after washing the models they were undercoated black before painting. 913 more words

Spartan Games

Repubique of France commission update #4

Continuing on the commission, 10 more models completed.