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Formato elettronico, la discussione definitiva :-D

Giulia Lisci: chiedo venia, sapendo giá di restare molesta…. MA…. nutro la necessità di essere resa edotta circa il mezzo “libro elettronico”, di cui non capisco una beata fava! 1,287 more words



It’s here, dear friends and readers!  This is the printed booklet of the FREE E-BOOK all of my email subscribers

will be receiving this Sunday, November 30. 131 more words


I just figured out how to autograph an e-book!

And you thought your favorite author couldn’t put a personalized message on the e-book you bought! Don’t feel bad; I didn’t either.

But, I just signed up my book, “Murder in Wauwatosa: The Mysterious Death of Buddy Schumacher,” to do just that. 87 more words

Buddy Schumacher Book


I was particularly touched today when a mate who is also a reader, e-mailed to say how much they enjoyed Outsider. I have to admit, it’s lovely when anyone says “good job”, or “well done”, but for someone to take a moment to write, left me feeling quite chuffed! 112 more words


Kindle’s advertising installation in China

This image was recently published by Kindle China as a promotion. It was taken in a subway station in Shanghai, where Kindle China has installed a huge row of shelves full of books, supposedly behind glass so that none would be taken. 479 more words

Digital Publishing

Quotes Wednesday

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