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Mosaic Samples-Poetry

Mosaic Samples -Theme Love

Sky Eyes

You came into my life, one cold afternoon
As I walked that clanky subway home.
Yet, I never imagined, 207 more words


Day 9 of Boot Camp of Writing Prompts: Obit for Your Favorite Character

Write an obituary for your favorite fictional character (literary, television, etc.), including how the death occurred.



They ride into my mind, in the darkest part of the night.

Full of hatred and despair, they are indeed…yessss.

Each night that they visit, I can feel what they do to me, 95 more words


Wicked Wednesday

                                                Through the Zombie Glass (White Rabbit Chronicles)

July 29 2014

Zombies stalk the night.

Forget blood and brains. These monsters hunger for human souls.

Sadly, they’ve got mine… 386 more words


e-book Jadwal Perjalanan Kereta Api 2014

Komitmen peningkatan pelayanan PT. KAI beberapa tahun belakangan ini memang sudah sepantasnya mendapatkan apresiasi yang tinggi. Kali ini peningkatan pelayanan yang diberikan adalah kemudahan memperoleh informasi Jadwal Perjalanan Kereta Api seluruh Indonesia tahun 2014 (berlaku 1 Juni 2014).


Buddhawajana Sotapanna Handbook download

Here is the buddhawajana sotapanna handbook. This is a must read book for every buddhist.

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