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Human Remains Displayed in Strange Places

Cultures have displayed human remains as part of their mortuary practices and as gruesome trophies since ancient times.   Today human remains can be seen in… 1,084 more words

Macabre Displays

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Here's what I think about: What if Sylvia, by some crazy turn of events, is actually Amelia Earhart? And the partially embalmed Sylvester might be the body of Kansas Sheriff Thomas Gannon who mysteriously disappeared in 1868, or James William Boyd, the Confederate officer said to have been killed in place of John Wilkes Booth, who was supposed to rendezvous with others in Mexico but never showed up. Wouldn't it be crazy if these bodies displayed to the public for centuries were actually famous missing people, and under our noses the whole time? (Seriously, that is what I think about. Maybe I should write a book about it. :)

Thanks to Strange Remains for all the fascinating posts!

Dirty Politics has landed as an eBook

A new book by investigative journalist Nicky Hager focuses on the past six years of the John Key-led Government partly through email exchanges between blogger Cameron Slater and National party figures. 58 more words


Your new eBook trinity

Whoever said three is a crowd has not used our eBook resources! As of the 1st of August we have welcomed the arrival of Askews… 179 more words

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In China, Online Novelists Can Become Millionaires (The Wall Street Journal)

Writers publishing their work solely online have become some of the highest-paid authors in China. They have tens of millions of followers—usually young men in China’s smaller cities—who each pay a small sum to… 7 more words

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