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Marketing through Social Networks

A look at Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr

All these social networks on face value seem to be very similar, but all these sites seem to attract different demographics and consist of different sharing abilities, so what are the differences and which one is most beneficial to you? 1,035 more words

Light box

Living in Colorado, I’m blessed with 300+ days of bright, unfiltered sunshine per year.  While exposure to this bright sunshine leaves my fair skin littered with prominent freckles year round, and provides me with an abundance of vitamin D, it is not the most ideal lighting for good quality product photos. 150 more words



My Etsy shop has been open for just over three years, and thus far has functioned solely to support my jewelry making hobby.  I have received just over one sale per month, on average, and up until now I have been OK with that level of sales volume.   235 more words


Instagram and Tumblr and Pintrest, Oh My!


Instagram is a photo sharing app available on iPhones and Androids. The app allows user to upload photos and videos, add filters and captions and share them with their “followers.”  Followers are then able to “like” and comment on these photos. 654 more words


¿A quién pertenece Internet?

Batalla por la neutralidad de la Red

El próximo miércoles 10 de septiembre tendrá lugar en Estados Unidos la llamada “batalla por la Red”. Un acto en defensa de la… 1,058 more words


Welcome to E-Business Expo

Welcome to E-Business Expo were I will be exposing some of the great E-Business products available, helping you earn money online. On this site I’m going to explain ways in which you can make money using tools such has Google adsense, Amazon Affiliate and Youtube, to make you a passive income that you’ve always wanted. 232 more words


Exploring Travel Websites

This week I’ll be exploring different travel website and evaluating their product offerings and traffic statistics. Don’t forget to leave a comment below on what makes you choose what hotels to book with! 1,561 more words