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City to consider e-cigarettes in smoking ban

E-cigarettes have long been touted as an alternative to cigarettes.

But e-cig users could soon have fewer places to smoke on Oahu.

A city councilman wants to expand the smoking ban, to include e-cigs. 362 more words


Quitting smoking.

It’s about time I quit smoking, this would be my second attempt. It’ll be good for me to quit but yeah I’m not even going to bother with something like champix, I rarely experience the side effects of medications but with champix I wouldn’t even risk it. 221 more words


Why Should Anyone Buy A Refillable E Cigarette?

The electronic cigarette is becoming the new trend in the world of smoking. The electronic cigarette also called refillable e cigarette, is becoming one of the favorites amongst the cigarette products in the market. 454 more words

Best E Cigarette Starter Kit

The E-Cig and Celebrities

The E-Cig and Celebrities

The popularity of e-cigs has been building and the profile of the e-cig has been helped by celebrities that have taken to the e-cig instead of smoking. 375 more words



A bit like ‘Dry January’ Stoptober is a concept that has started to gather a bit of a following each year. The idea is that you stop smoking for a month in October, and hopefully forever. 159 more words


E Cigs Ban in NY

Wait wtf? New York is banning the sale of e cigs? Sort of but not really. They are looking to ban the sale of flavored e cigs and e liquids. 66 more words

DIY mixing

Tired of spending so much money on premixed juices?

why not try mixing your own with our fantastic range of DIY mixing supplies and capella flavour concentrates. 45 more words