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Happy Tenth Birthday to Malaysia's e-Government

Malaysia has a very complicated geographic structure and nearly 30 million residents to keep together.  Using the web as an effective tool for reaching and maintaining contact seems to be just the solution for such a nation. 277 more words


Manfaat E-Government dalam Reformasi Birokrasi di Indonesia

E-Government merupakan kependekan dari elektronik pemerintah. E-Governtment biasa dikenal e-gov, pemerintah digital, online pemerintah atau pemerintah transformasi.
E-Government adalah Suatu upaya untuk mengembangkan penyalenggaraan kepemerintahan yang berbasis elektronik. 259 more words


Local eGovernment Benchlearning forms open

The forms used in the Local e-Government Benchlearning have been made publicly available in this site. You may access them in “Publications” section. It includes forms to identify services of the catalogue, forms to gater services competences of each city and forms to assess maturity and adoption. 15 more words


National Profile of the Information Society in Oman (2013)

Oman’s population is almost 3.2 million spread over 309,500 square km land.

According to the “Oman Information Technology Report 2011″   Oman’s IT market size is US$339mn, in 2011 compared with US$314mn in 2010. 259 more words


Fundamentals of E-Government

Hello everybody :)

Today I’m gonna post some e-government related topics in order to give you a general idea about this topic. In the next few posts, we will get to some more detailed information to give a better and clearer idea about e-government. 422 more words


E-government in GCC

In this post , I’ll discuss the e-government implementations in GCC to compare it with Oman situation ,which are mentioned in the previous posts, as long as they share the same geographical area and lots of norms and values. 523 more words


E-government Adoption in Oman

In this post, I’ll describe briefly about the E-government adoption in Oman. Especially about the technical barriers, non-Technical Barriers, lessons from Advanced Nations, e-government Building Blocks, barriers to E-government Adoption in Oman, and country-specific Barriers. 394 more words